If you are a fan of Beatles, you would probably know this extremely talented co-lead vocalist of the Beatles, John Winston Ono Lennon, aka John Lennon. Not to mention, John was an English singer, songwriter, musician, and peace activist. He rose to worldwide prominence as co-lead vocalist, co-songwriter, and rhythm guitarist of the Beatles. Further, he was also one of the founding members of The Beatles.

John Lennon’s First Wife

John’s first wife was Cynthia Powell. The duo first met at the Liverpool College Of Art. At that time, Lennon was jealous by nature and eventually grew possessive. Later, when Lennon saw her dancing with Stuart Sutcliffe, he struck her, which led to their break up. After three months, he apologized to her, and in July 1962, Cynthia got pregnant.

Later on 23 August 1962, the lovey-dovey pair tied the knot of husband and wife at the Mount Pleasant Register Office in Liverpool. Their son, Julian, was born on 8 April 1963 when he was on tour. Unfortunately, they parted their ways after 6 years of marriage. The reason for their divorce was Lennon’s excessive use of drugs. You might love to read about another musician, Scott Holt.

John Lennon With His First Wife, Cynthia Lennon
Source: The New York Times

To be exact, they were divorced in November 1968, with Lennon giving her $240,000 as a divorce settlement and Julian’s custody. As of now, Julian is 57 years old. As a matter of fact, John and Julian’s relationship was strained because of John’s and Cynthia’s separation.

John Lennon’s Second Wife

After divorce from his first wife, he exchanged wedding vows with Yoko Ono. Yoko was an artist by profession. They first met on 9 November 1966 at the Indica Gallery in London. Further, John Dunbar, a gallery owner, introduced them. After their first meeting, Ono started telephoning Lennon and visit at his home. Furthermore, when his wife was on holiday in Greece in May 1968, Ono and John spent the night together.

When she returned, Ono was wearing her bathrobe and drinking tea and said, “Oh, hi.” After a few weeks of John and Cynthia’s divorce, Ono miscarried a male child on 21 November 1968. Later on 20 March 1969, the duo got married. Not only that, but he also added “Ono” in his name on 22 April 1969.

John Lennon With His Second Wife, Yoko Ono
John Lennon With His Second Wife, Yoko Ono
Source: Biography

The couple settled at Tittenhurst Park at Sunninghill in Berkshire and later moved to New York. As a matter of fact, Ono had three miscarriages with Lennon before giving birth to Sean Lennon. Like his first marriage, his marriage with Yoko also ended after 11 years. They officially parted ways in 1980. After his second divorce, he was in a relationship with May Pang.

Net Worth Of John Lennon

John Lennon is one of the greatest singers of all time. Without a doubt, he must have millions of dollars as his fortune. But, how much exactly? John Lennon’s net worth was around $200 Million at his demise, similar to Conor McGregor. In fact, it is as same as being worth $620 Million of our generation. Not to mention, he is a famous singer, songwriter, and musician.

John Lennon With His Ex-wife, Yoko Ono And Their Son, Sean Lennon
John Lennon With His Ex-wife, Yoko Ono, And Their Son, Sean Lennon
Source: The New York Times

He earns most of his money through his musical career along with The Beatles. He has over 5+ singles and 5+ music with Yoko Ono. Not only that, but he has also guest appeared in more than 15 movies. Even though he is dead now, his estate, merchandise, licensing fees are still generating millions of dollars. As of 2021, his primary heir, Yoko Ono, has a net worth of $700 Million.

Death Of John Lennon And Success Of Imagine

The legendary singer John died on 8 December 1980 at Roosevelt Hospital. The reason for his death was a gunshot. At 5:00 P.M. Lennon gave his autograph with Double Fantasy for his fan Mark David Chapman before leaving The Dakota with Yoko Ono. At around 10:50 P.M., they exited the vehicle and walked through the archway where Chapman shot him Twice in the back and twice in the shoulder.

Later at 11:15 p.m., he died, and Ono scatter his ashes in New York Central Park. Further, his remains were cremated at Ferncliff Cemetry in Hartsdale, New York. On the other hand, Chapman pleads guilty to second-degree murder and is sentenced to 20-years-to-life. After a week of his death, Imagine was at the top of the UK chart by ‘Woman,’ the second single from Double Fantasy.

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