Jonas Max Ferris is a well-known Fox News economic commentator, investment counselor, and economist. He is a regular panelist on Fox Business Channel stocks and Cashin’s news program.

Dagen McDowell is an American Fox Business anchor, analyst, and Fox News business correspondent. She is also a celebrity wife; The couple gained extra fame after marrying each other.

Ferris And McDowell Married Life Timeline

Jonas Max Ferris and Dagen McDowell married after a long time relationship. The duo work in the same field and are enthusiastic about doing. They also come from similar families.

Dagen is happier with her current husband than she was with her first. She already married once her last time. Moreover, the former couple had a long time married life but had no child together.

Normally, a woman takes center stage in these relationships, but that is not the case. Jonas rose to prominence as Dagen’s spouse. She has a profession as an Anchor.

The celebrity couple has been together for almost a decade, but they also don’t have any children. Further, Dagen had also kept her previous husband’s identity hidden.

Jonas Max Ferris and Dagen McDowell taking a selfie photo having a walk outside together
Photo Source: Instagram @dagenmcdowell

On the tv show on May 6, 2011, the couple discussed their early connection and friendship. Ferris initially said that he and McDowell met at a Fox station ten years ago.

Mr. Ferris is a financial advisor as well as an economist. Therefore, his appearances on Cashin’ In, a Fox Business Network show, catapulted him to fame.

On the other hand, the couple is very quiet about their personal lives, hiding their relationship timeline. Degan and her spouse have yet to confirm the birth of their children.

Degan McDowell Previous Married Life Status

The American anchor married her first husband for a long time before marrying her adoring husband, Jonas. This romance, however, did not last long and ended for some unknown reasons.

In 2004, the couple filed for divorce. However, McDowell has not completely acknowledged her first marriage, which ended for an unknown reason.

According to some stories, Dagen saw her present husband, Jonas, when she was married. This secret affair finally led to their divorce. Nonetheless, no meaningful evidence has been presented in this regard.

The anchor divorced because she didn’t get along with her first husband. Following that, she married Ferris in 2005. They have been living together happily ever since.

More Information About Jonas and Degan

Jonas is a professional economist, financial analyst, and investment counselor. He also founded He has authored financial advice and investing columns for newspapers and magazines.

Jonas Max Ferris and Dagen McDowell taking a selfie photo in their workplace
Photo Source: Instagram @dagenmcdowell

On January 7, 1969, Dagen was born Mary Dagen McDowell. She also works as a commentator. She was a frequent guest on FNC’s Hannity show and Imus in the morning.

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