Jonathan Schmitz‘s name drew the attention of practically every media outlet in the United States in March 1995. Scott Amedure, 32, had just been slain by the then-25-year-old.

The incident occurred after Amedure claimed to have a hidden infatuation with his killer during The Jenny Jones Show.

Scott Amedure was assassinated in the United States while filming the Jenny Jones program and a TV program. He admitted to being drawn to someone he knew, Schmitz.

Actually, What Happened in the Case of Jonathan Schmitz?

The Jenny Jones Program was a 12-year-running midday tabloid discussion show. Jones would invite a woman who had slept with a married man and his wife into her studio and encourage them to confront each other in front of a live audience.

Amedure had taped an episode of the Jenny Jones Show in which he confessed to being a secret lover of Jonathan, and he lived in the same neighborhood as him.

Jones encourages Scott Amedure to remind the crowd about his dreams involving Schmitz, who was backstage at the time, unable to hear, and unaware of who may be waiting to expose themselves to him in an unreleased edition of Trial By Media.

Schmitz went on the show out of curiosity and subsequently complained that the organizers hinted his admirer was a woman. Jones reveals that Amedure has a secret infatuation and plays back the audio of Amedure’s vivid dreams. Schmitz admits to awkwardly giggling.

Schmitz’s secret never broadcasted the footage on television. The Murderer came up at Amedure’s mobile home 3 days after Scott, and he went home together from Chicago following the episode’s recording to check if a provocative message left on his driveway was from Amedure.

One of Scott’s friends said that the night following the taping, Scott and Jonathan went out drinking together and had a sexual experience.

More about the case!

Scott’s Neighbour rushed to his ride and emerged at the door with a recently acquired 12-gauge shotgun after the victim confirmed it was he. Jonathan murdered Scott by shooting him twice in the chest.

He dialed 911 right away to report himself. The court asked Jonathan why he shot Scott on the call, and he responded, “Because he played a really fucking nasty thing on me.”

In 1996, the court found the Murderer guilty of second-degree murder. He got a 25 to 50 years jail sentence. Later on, Schmitz retried in 1999 after the original judgment was overturned due to rushed selection flaws. The victim’s family received a settlement of $25M.

What is the Lifestyle of Jonathan Schmitz now?

After spending 22 years in a Michigan jail, the prison released the Murderer in 2017. Later on, he completed his sentence and was awarded an early release.

He was 47 years old when he was released from prison. In addition, Scott’s brother, Frank Amedure, was featured in the first episode of Trial By Media.

He expressed his dissatisfaction with the parole decision.

The Police Department did not decide to grant release only based on good behavior in jail. Schmitz’s transformed with what he learned; the killer is no longer homophobic and has sought psychiatric help. He maintains a quiet profile upon his release.

Furthermore, Tight limitations prevent him from simply relocating for a set period. At Lapeer, Michigan, he resides with his parents in their family home.

He has been kept out of the spotlight since his release from jail. As a result, determining his appearance is impossible.

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