Joshua Hudnall is veteran military personnel and a subject of an episode of “Evil Lives Here.” Well, it is an American documentary tv series on Investigation Discovery that highlights true crimes and features police footage and family photos. Further, his episode name is “Let Her Rot” of Season 5 in 2019.

What Happened To Joshua Hudnall?

In the subject matter of Evil Lives Here, Joshua confessed how it took many years to speak about his ruthless mother’s actions and how she controlled his life. Unfortunately, he passed away shortly after talking about her mother, Stephanie Hudnall.

Joshua died in his truck on 14 August 2018. His age was just 27 years old at that time. Further, the cause of his death was liver failure, according to the police report.

Joshua Hudnall’s Family

Going towards his life with his ruthless mother, he explained to Evil Lives Here that he grew up with his two sisters, Guenevere and Ruby Grace. As their father was often working, his mother, Stephanie, raised them. Further, his mother was a “master manipulator.” Hudnall’s family struggled for money for some years.

Because of their financial status, Stephanie tried killing her husband to get economic benefits from his insurance. So, she poisoned her husband and lit his bed on fire while he was asleep. However, every means of her plan was vain. He enlists in the military to get away from her mother.

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Not only that, but he said that being in a warzone is better than living in the Hudnall home. While serving in the military, his father, William Hudnall, died in a robbery gone wrong in 2011. He was killed with a pickaxe, according to the police report.

Joshua Hudnall’s Mother, Stephanie Hudnall (A Killer)

At the death scene of Joshua’s father, William seems to be a robbery-gone-wrong, but after further investigation, authorities claimed it was a staged plan. His sister, Guenevere Hudnall, killed their father for financial support from the government. Guenevere confessed,

I had no choice, I had to do it”.

At the murder, Stephanie got out of her room and conspired for it. Both of them were thrown into prison for 40 years for second-degree murder.

Net Worth Of Joshua Hudnall

Joshua served as the military personnel for the US Army. Furthermore, he was also a veteran soldier of the Iraq war. The average income of army personnel in the USA is around $60,000 to $117,000, so he might have earned around $100,000 per year while serving the US army.

After serving US military, he worked as a stellar for his living. Joshua’s estimated net worth was $200,000 at his death.

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