In today’s competitive world, fashion has become one of the central parts of life. Everybody prefers to be fashionable. In style, the fashion designer also plays a vital role. Among others, Kentaro Kameyama is also the one who is grabbing full media attention as the best fashion designer all over the fashion world. 

The designer Kameyama is earning both prominence and good fortune from his breakthrough and creative fashion design. But what about his intimate life details? Is he a married man, or is he dating someone at the moment? Read the article till the end to learn about Kentaro. 

Educational Details 

The fashion designer Kentaro was born Angeleno Kentaro Kameyama on October 14, 1979, in Japan. Having a keen interest in the fashion sector, Kentaro attended several fashion schools and gained knowledge about fashion. Not only that, but he has also showcased his fashion works in various fashion shows.

 The Japanese-American fashion designer, Kentaro Kameyama.
Image: The Japanese-American fashion designer, Kentaro Kameyama.
Source: Instagram

Besides being a fashion designer, Kentaro is also a certified pianist and composer. He has a graduate certificate in Piano Performance from the University of Southern California, as per his website. He earned Artist Diploma from the University of Redlands.

Similarly, Kentaro attended Oklahoma Wesleyan University and received a Bachelor’s in Music. Furthermore, he earned a Masters in Music from the University of South Carolina. He also joined Toho Music College, located in Tokyo

Relationship Status Of Kentaro Kameyama

The 40-years-old Angeleno Kentaro has spoken very little about his intimate life details. The designer Kentaro is not spotted romantically in public places, nor has he shared a romantic picture on his official social networking accounts, which can be taken as proof of his singleness. 

It seems like Kentaro Kameyama is living a single life and is more focused on his career. More than spending time dating someone, Kameyama prefers to devote his quality time to making a bright future in the fashion field. 

Additionally, Kentaro might be searching for a suitable woman to start his love life. But at the moment, he is working and struggling hard to pursue a better career as a fashion designer. 

Kentaro Kameyama Is The Project Runway Winner 

Kentaro Kameyama is the newest member of the crowd of fashion designers. Back on August 17, 2017, Kentaro and other 15 fashion designers competed in the 16th season of the reality Television series Project Runway, a competitive show that focuses on fashion design. 

The Japanese-American designer Kentaro composed the jaw-dropping dresses; his collection impressed the judges Heidi Klum, Nina Gracia, Zac Posen, and Jessica Alba. Kentaro also became the winner of the 16th season of the Peabody Award-winning show Project Runway. 

The dress designed by Kentaro Kameyama in the season 16th of Project Runway.
Snap: The dress was designed by Kentaro Kameyama in the season 16th of Project Runway.
Source: Pinterest

Being a classical pianist, he composed the music based on his experience of listening to the sound of a dead cat buried in the ground for the final runway show, which became a plus point for Kentaro to win the show.  

Net Worth Of Kentaro Kameyama

Kentaro Kameyama has also not revealed the exact net worth he enjoys. However, it seems like he has an estimated net worth of $700 thousand at the moment, which he has calculated throughout his career as a fashion designer. 

As per Glassdoor, the average remuneration of a fashion designer in the United States of America is around $60,865 per year. But Kentaro is a highly experienced and famous fashion designer, so he might be earning more than an average. 

Besides being a fashion designer, Kentaro is also a pianist. From there, too, he is earning a reasonable sum of wealth. For the information, Birdie Mae Johnson’s mother, Jessica Simpson, is also a fashion designer by profession.