Kimberlea Cloughley, a San Antonio photographer, captured hearts alongside Academy Award-winning actor Tommy Lee Jones. She is currently best known as a celebrity ex-wife. Her ex-husband is known for movies like “Man In Black,” “The Fugitive,” “Batman Forever,” and many more.

Cloughley’s life unveils a narrative beyond the glitz, a tale interlacing her artistic prowess behind the lens and the enigmatic charm that once bound her to a Hollywood icon. Amidst the shadows of her renowned ex-husband’s fame, she emerges as a luminary in her own right as a photographer.

Join us as we unravel the layers of Kimberlea Cloughley’s life, peeking through the snapshots of her personal and professional journey.

When Was Kimberlea Cloughley Born? Age, Wiki, Early Life

Kimberlea Gayley Cloughley was born in 1958. She is also known as the daughter of Philip Duane Hardberger, a well-known American politician and former mayor of San Antonio, Texas.

Philip Duane Hardberger, a respected figure in San Antonio’s political scene, served as mayor from 2005 to 2009. His career boasts a distinguished journey, including service as a captain in the United States Air Force before venturing into politics. He won the mayoral election in 2004, defeating Julian Castro.

Talking about her siblings, Kimberlea has a sister named Amy.

How Did Tommy Lee Jones First Meet His Second Wife?

Kimberlea Cloughley, known for her work as a photographer, had an unexpected encounter with the renowned actor Tommy Lee Jones through her profession. Their paths intertwined on the set of the film “Backroads” in Texas, marking the genesis of their love story.

Their courtship blossomed over nearly a year, culminating in marriage on May 30, 1981. Notably, Kimberlea was the actor’s second wife.

Kimberlea Cloughley and her ex-husband, Tommy Lee Jones during their wedding ceremony.
Kimberlea Cloughley and her ex-husband, Tommy Lee Jones during their wedding ceremony. Source: Instagram

Their marital journey spanned fifteen years, a union that garnered public attention and fascination. Despite their bond, Cloughley disclosed that Tommy Lee Jones, famed for roles in movies like “No Country for Old Men,” wasn’t enamored with the glitz of Hollywood life.

In an article by Mimi Swartz in Texas Monthly, Cloughley noted that Jones found the Hollywood lifestyle discomforting, implying it was an ill-fitting role for him.

That’s probably the closest he has come to living the Hollywood life, and it just didn’t suit him at all. He tried that on, and it just didn’t fit.

Why Did Kimberlea and Tommy Get Divorce?

The breakup between Kimberlea Cloughley and Tommy Lee Jones is a bit of a mystery. They decided to keep the reasons behind their divorce under wraps, so the real story remains hidden. Cloughley mentioned it was down to their different personalities, but that’s all the info we’ve got.

They tied the knot in a picture-perfect wedding but called it quits after fourteen years on March 23, 1996. Their married life was mostly in Texas. Despite all the curiosity, the actual reasons for their split are locked away, just for them to know.

Who are Tommy Lee Jones and Kimberly Coughley’s Children?

Kimberlea Cloughley’s got two star-studded kids from her marriage with Tommy Lee Jones. First up, there’s Austin Leonard Jones, born on November 9, 1982, in Auckland, New Zealand.

Austin is not just following in his dad’s acting footsteps; he’s also dipping his toes into music composing. His acting gigs might be small, like the TV Series “Screen Two,” but his music credits shine in movies such as “Metamorphosis: Junior Year,” “The Homesman,” and “Frontera.”

Kimberlea Cloughley and Tommy Lee Jones' son Austin Lenorad Jones is also an actor.
Kimberlea Cloughley and Tommy Lee Jones’ son Austin Lenorad Jones is also an actor. Source: Pinterest

Then there’s Victoria, born on September 3, 1991, in San Antonio, Texas. She’s into acting, just like her famous dad. You might’ve seen her rocking it alongside her father and Connie Angland‘s husband Billy Bob Thornton in “Men in Black II.”

Plus, she’s scored roles in films like “The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada” and “Sorry, Haters,” and even popped up on the show “One Tree Hill.” Seems like talent’s a family tradition for these two!

What Is Her Net Worth?

Kimberlea Cloughley has carved her path in the photography world, and financially, she’s doing well with an estimated net worth of $2 million. While her wealth doesn’t soar to Hollywood’s highest ranks, it’s a comfortable sum earned through her photography career.

In comparison ex-husband, Tommy Lee Jones’ net worth reaches a whopping $100 million. Her divorce from the accomplished actor likely added to her financial stability, although the exact settlement remains undisclosed to the public.

Despite not matching the colossal fortunes of some Hollywood figures, Kimberlea’s financial success allows her to lead a comfortable life, thanks to her dedication to her craft and the resources accrued through her career.

Kimberlea Cloughley’s Mother, the ‘Miracle Girl’ of the Andrea Doria Disaster”

It’s quite a story—Kimberlea Cloughley’s mother, Linda Hardberger, was the famous “Miracle Girl” from the Andrea Doria tragedy. This maritime disaster happened on July 26, 1956, when the Andrea Doria ship collided with the MS Stockholm, leading to the loss of fifty-one lives.

Linda, just fourteen at the time, miraculously survived the catastrophe, earning her the nickname “Miracle Girl.”

Kimberlea Cloughley's parents.
Kimberlea Cloughley’s parents. Source: Instagram

Sadly, her stepfather, Camille Cianfarra, and stepsister, Joan Cianfarra, didn’t make it through that fateful night. Linda’s mother, Jane Cianfarra, endured severe injuries but survived.

Speaking to The Baltimore Sun about the terrifying ordeal, she reflected on how the experience shaped her perspective: “At 14, you think you live forever. I learned otherwise earlier than most. The accident made me more cautious in physical things but less afraid of growing old and more adventurous in mental things.”

Short Info on Tommy Lee Jones

Tommy Lee Jones stands tall, not just in stature at 6 feet (183 cm), but also in the realm of acting excellence. He is like the king of acting. He grabbed an ‘Academy Award’ in 1994 for rocking it in “The Fugitive,” proving he’s a total acting champ. Plus, he’s been up for the Oscars multiple times—talk about a big deal!

This dude’s been in the biz since the ’70s and guess what? He never even took an acting class! Can you believe it? He’s still killing it today, staying relevant while some other old-school stars faded away.

You might recognize him from “Men in Black,” where he’s all serious and cool. And who can forget “No Country for Old Men”? He’s done loads more, like “The Missing” and “Ad Astra,” showing off his amazing acting skills in every role. Tommy’s the real deal when it comes to acting legends!

Where Is Kimberlea Cloughley Now? Did She Remarry?

It’s been a bit of a mystery as to where Kimberlea Cloughley is these days. After her split from Tommy Lee Jones, she’s kept a low profile. You know, even though she was in the spotlight as his ex-wife, she’s chosen to stay away from the whole fame thing.

She’s been super quiet about her personal life, not giving away any hints about who she might be dating now. Kimberlea’s all about that privacy and prefers to keep things under wraps, away from the public eye.

Her current relationship status is a bit of a puzzle, and she seems content with keeping it that way. Kimberlea’s mastered the art of staying out of the gossip columns!

Who Is Tommy Lee’s Wife Now?

Tommy Lee Jones, known for his roles in “U.S. Marshals” and more, had relationships before and after his marriage to Kimberlea Cloughley. Kate Lardner was his first wife, and they got hitched in 1971. However, their marriage didn’t last long, only about seven years before they parted ways in 1978.

Tommy Lee Jones with his current wife.
Tommy Lee Jones with his current wife. Source: Pinterest

After splitting from Kimberlea Cloughley, Tommy found love again with Dawn Laurel-Jones. They tied the knot in 2001. Moreover, their marriage is still holding steady, showing that sometimes love gets a second chance!

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