Cory Brusseau, a shining star in showbiz, lights up screens with his amazing roles both in “Imprint” and “Ladies On The Run.” Beyond his cool acting gigs, he came into the spotlight after his marriage to Mexican actress Martha Higareda!

Likewise, besides his acting career Cory is known as a celebrity ex-husband. On the other hand, his journey through movies and TV is like a thrilling adventure. He’s not just an actor; he’s a whole vibe, making folks sit up and take notice whenever he’s around.

With his charm and talent, Cory Brusseau keeps the entertainment world buzzing, leaving everyone excited for what’s next!

Who Is Cory Brusseau, Martha Higareda’s Ex-Husband? Age, Wiki, Early Life

Cory Brusseau was born on October 3, 1975. He falls under the Libra zodiac sign. Likewise, as of now, he is 47 years old.

As an American actor, he keeps his personal life low-key. While proudly American, he keeps his family details and educational background private.

This secrecy adds an intriguing mystery to Brusseau’s life, leaving fans curious about the man behind the acting chops.

Marriage Details: How Did Cory First Meet His Wife Martha?

Cory Brusseau, an American actor, found love in the glitzy world of showbiz. His path crossed with Mexican actress Martha Higareda’s on the set of “Casese Quien Pueda” in 2011, sparking a connection that sizzled both on and off-screen. Their love story, like a dramatic script, had its ups and downs.

Despite working together on different projects, their relationship hit a bump. Likewise, they took a break in 2015. But love triumphed, and they rekindled their romance.

Cory Brusseau with his ex-wife Martha Higareda.
Cory Brusseau with his ex-wife Martha Higareda. Source: Pinterest

Further, after patching up they tied the knot at a secret Hawaiian ceremony in 2016, surrounded by dear ones. Their marriage, however, faced storms they couldn’t weather, and after three years, they bid adieu due to lingering issues.

Their story painted a picture of love, challenges, separations, and coming back together, blending their personal and professional lives in a tale that kept fans guessing. Though their love story had its final curtain call, it remains a chapter etched in the Hollywood romance archives.

Do They Have Any Kids Together?

Cory Brusseau and Martha Higareda’s marriage didn’t include the pitter-patter of little feet. While Martha longed for children, Cory wasn’t quite ready for fatherhood during their time together.

After their split, Martha, concerned about her future ability to have children due to age, decided to freeze her eggs. In a heartwarming twist, Cory, despite their separation, stepped up to support Martha through this important process.

Surprisingly, he remained by her side, offering regular visits and even helping with the injections. Their post-divorce relationship showcased an extraordinary bond, demonstrating care and support beyond the boundaries of their former marriage.

Despite not having children together, their unique bond continued to shine through, exemplifying a different kind of partnership beyond traditional family roles.

Why Did Cory Brusseau and Martha Higareda Get Divorce?

Cory Brusseau’s split from Martha Higareda in 2019 kept fans guessing, as Cory chose to keep the reasons behind their divorce under wraps. However, Martha shed light on the situation, unveiling that fundamental differences, especially concerning values linked to raising children and education, surfaced early in their marriage, even during their honeymoon.

Their divorce took an emotional toll, leaving Martha grappling with feelings of loss and self-doubt. Despite the pain, Martha emphasized Cory’s positive attributes and their enduring friendship. Their separation took an unexpected turn compared to typical celebrity breakups.

Remarkably, Cory and Martha chose to forge a strong post-divorce friendship, showcasing a unique bond that surpassed their past romantic relationship.

What About Now? Did He remarry, So Who Is His Wife?

Since parting ways with Martha Higareda, Cory Brusseau has opted to keep his romantic life under wraps. He hasn’t remarried or publicly disclosed any current relationships.

Martha Higareda with her current boyfriend Lewis Howes.
Martha Higareda with her current boyfriend Lewis Howes. Source/Instagram@marthahigareda

In contrast, Martha has moved forward and found love with Lewis Howes, a former athlete and lecturer.

Their romance sparked in 2021, marking a fresh start for Martha after her official divorce from Cory two years prior. While Cory maintains privacy regarding his love life, Martha has embraced companionship with Lewis Howes, embracing a new chapter in her journey following her split from Cory.

Movies and TV Shows of Cory Brusseau

Corry has worked in a few movies like “Tod@s caen” and “3 Idiots,” as a writer and actor. He has done lots of different stuff, like “Imprint” and even a TV show called “90210.” Also, know the career details of another celebrity ex-husband Brian Blosil.

Cory’s been busy not just acting but also writing and making videos, like “Market 175” and “Money, Money, Money.” It’s a whole mix of things he has done—movies, TV, short films, and videos, showing how much they’ve rocked the entertainment world!

Net Worth: A Look Into His Wealth

Cory Brusseau is the guy who’s done a bit of everything—acting, writing, and producing for shows like MTV’s The Real World and KC! Pop Quiz. You might know him as Martha Higareda’s ex-husband, the famous Mexican actress, producer, and screenwriter.

Cory’s probably made a good chunk of change from his work in entertainment, racking up an estimated net worth of over $800,000.

On the other hand, Martha’s rolling with a net worth of $3 million as of 2023, mostly from her acting gigs. She’s been pulling in about $50,000 each year. Martha nailed it in McFarland, USA, which didn’t have a huge budget of $25 million but still raked in $45.7 million at the box office, boosting her success in the industry.

Short Info on Martha Higareda

Martha Higareda, born on August 24, 1983, hails from Villahermosa, Mexico, and stands out as a versatile force in the entertainment realm. This talented actress, producer, and screenwriter has made her mark not just in Mexican cinema but on the international stage too.

Martha Higareda.
Martha Higareda. Source/Instagram@marthahigareda

Her breakthrough came with the powerful portrayal of Renata in the acclaimed film “Amar te Duele,” catapulting her into the spotlight.

One of her notable feats was starring in “McFarland, USA” alongside Kevin Costner, a role that further solidified her position in the industry. Martha’s magnetic charisma and artistic brilliance continue to charm audiences worldwide, making her a celebrated figure in both Mexican and international cinema.

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