Kristen Rivers is an American socialite. She is popular for her work and the mother of NBA player Austin Rivers. However, her profession is still unknown. People were really curious about her family members. Likewise, there is no recent news regarding Kristen.

Can we know enough about Kristen Rivers? So here, without any delay, we provide you details of her net worth, family, relationship, etc.

Relationship Of Kristen Rivers And Doc Rivers. Are They Divorced?

As per the report, Kristen is currently single if we go deep into her personal life. However, she was in a relationship before with Doc Rivers, a professional Basketball Coach for the Philadelphia 76ers and is a former point guard and a defensive NBA player. Kristen and her former husband, Doc, were close at that time. People never thought that they could divorce.

Kristen Rivers
Kristen Rivers and her husband at a party
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Further, they met for the first time as freshmen at Marquette University in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, in 1979. Glenn said to kris, who walked past her, “You know, you’d be attractive if you washed your hair once in a while.” While Kris was a little strict.

Rivers casually said she didn’t want to date him. The words hit Glenn, and they don’t even talk longer. Kirs dated for about a year, and in summer, one day, when Glenn went away and returned, he fell in love with kris. There is no proper reason for their divorce. Also, read about Susan Cavallari’s net worth, family, relationship, etc.

However, they aren’t active in any media after that incident, but the point is the duo lost interest in each other. Moreover, the couple married on 1986 May 31, which is almost 34 years of marriage.

People thought there might be no chance of their divorcing, but as we know, they shared in media about their divorce, and there have been rumors that the pair are divorcing, which had been processing for the past five years.

Kristen Rivers
Kristen Rivers and her husband in media
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After that, Kristen hasn’t shared anything, and it seems like she has more focused on her career-making better and giving Kristen and Doc’s kids a better life. Further, Kristen is living a single life. For now, there are no rumors regarding her affair with someone.

Even doc is said to be dating a woman in her late twenties. In the future maybe we can see them together again or maybe with someone whom they loved.

How Much Is The Net Worth Of Kristen Rivers?

A gorgeous woman holds a net worth of around $5 Million, similar to D’Andra Simmons. However, there are no details regarding her income source. It seems it was all net worth from combined earned by her husband, her son, or maybe herself.

There is a lot of chance that she has any hidden business or maybe something work she didn’t want to reveal. If we get information regarding her work, we will let you know.

More About American Socialite, Kristen Rivers

Kristen Rivers was born in 1961, and she was always a kind woman. She is 61 years old as of 2022. Also, Rivers faces adversity by dating a black man at the time. Due to her relationship with Glenn, she and her family face many problems. However, Kristen and Glenn never thought about what other they move on to.

Also, Kristen was always a humble person. She loves to do cooking. After finishing University, a 60-year-old woman wanted to go to cooking classes, but unfortunately, she got married.

Kristen Rivers
Kristen Rivers and her happy family before
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She hasn’t revealed it yet about her family, but it goes through her family members. Kristin has Four children named Jeremiah, Callie, Austin, and Spencer. Moreover, Jeremiah was a basketball player at Georgetown and Indiana University.

Also, Callie, the house’s daughter, is a professional volleyball player in Europe. Their profession is still under review when discussing her two sons, Austin and Spencer, and Spencer is only 19 years old.

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