Lana Therese Condor is a Vietnamese-born American actress. She is popular for her debut movies, X-Men: Apocalypse, Portraying Jubilation, and her lead role in the Netflix movie “All the boys always and forever.” The recent news says Lana Condor says Goodbye to “To All the Boys” Because of the few Asian-Americans headline a rom-com and pushing to make Lara Jean more independent.

Gathering some precious details of Lara Condor’s net worth, relationship, family background and, many more. Here, we provide you the information.

Who is Lana Condor Boyfriend? Is She single?

A famous Actress Lana in a relationship with Anthony De La Torre. Longtime Lovers post many pictures of each other on both sides. Her boyfriend is also an American actor who played movies like Lords of Chaos, Gruesome. However, let’s come to the topic; the couple met for the first time at some of the parties where both are approaching.

Lana Condor and her Boyfriend enjoying the moments
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Lana Condor post a picture with caption saying,

When I say, Anthonydltorre and I have been in sweatpants for 7 months straight, dressed up for this pic, went outside to our driveway, snapped it, and went immediately back inside into sweats… I’m not lying! 

We can clearly see their strong bond. Also, her boyfriend Antony says he is the one who proposed first, But Lana was curious about him, and she didn’t even leave the party until she was getting his number. The duo also share snaps and pictures with their fans. However, after getting huge fam from “To all the boys” Movie. Her fans don’t want her relationship with Anthoney.

It was Noah Centineo who they have wanted her relationship with him. But As Lana statement “This is not necessarily to fell in love with the person you play on-screen.” So after spamming her comment section with Noah’s name and about the movie, Lana and Anthony were hurt, and she said, ” If you love me, why would you hurt someone I loved?“. Also, read more about Taylor Dearden”s relationship, net worth, family and, many more.

Also, the American Actress Boosts her relationship life with Anthony Just because she doesn’t want any more hate comments regarding her relationship. The movie “To all the boys always and forever” has dialogue like “Wish we could met cute,” Seeing Lana and Anthony first met, it seems like they met cute for sure.

How much Lana Condor Net Worth?

A talented American Actress, Lana Condor, holds a net worth of around $2 million, similar to Phoebe Dynevor. She earns all the wages from her own careers like Acting, Advertisements, and many more. Also, 11.1 million followers on Instagramer got many produced for sure; she will earn from there.

Lana Condor enjoying her rich life
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Also, Her debut movie “X-Men: Apocalypse”Box office collection is around 543.9 million USD. So we can predict that she earns enough money from the movie. Moreover, The Netflix move “To all the boys always and forever” gain money in Million dollar for sure. She is still active in her profession to guess she will earn more wage in the future for sure.

Further, talking about her salary is around $438,900 as per 2020. But, the American Actress’s average salary is $58,017 seeing her actual salary, and if we compare it to average, She raises a lot of money from her acting career. Unfortunately, she also has YouTube account with more than 864k subscribers. So, we can guess that the actress earns enough money from there too.

Is Condor Adopted?

Lana Therese Condor was born on May 11, 1997, in Vietnam. She used to Live in Can Tho under the name of Tran Dong Lan. After that, she was adopted and renamed by American parents Mary Carol Conder and Bob Conder and her older brother Artie in Chicago. When she was just four months old.

Lana Condor and her family in father day
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Condor and her family lived in Whidbey Island, Washington. Also, after finishing High school, Lana continued dancing with the Los Angeles Ballet and trained at the groundlings in improvisational theater. After that, Lana realized she would want to become an actress, and she went to the New York film academy for acting classes. In 2016, Condor was accepted at Loyola Marymount University, but she chose to become an actress.

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Mary Condor Mother
Bob Condor Father
Anthony De La Torre Partner
Arthur Condor Brother