Anthony De La Torre is an American actor popular for his roles; He played Jack Sparrows in Pirates of The Caribbean: Dead Man Tell No Tales and Jan Axel Blomberg in Lords of Chaos. Not only an actor, but he is also a singer, songwriter, and guitarist from Bowling Green, Ohio, U.S.

Anthony De La Torre’s Relationship With Lana Condor

Anthony is committed to a very healthy relationship with Lana Condor, a famous American female actress since 2015. They both met at a party, and Anthony was the one who approached her; said Anthony’s first pickup line was, “Hey, I’m Anthony. I thought I’d make a friend,” After that, they talked for a while before the party ended and were able to share their numbers.

Anthony De La Torre with his girlfriend, Lana Condor
Anthony De La Torre with his girlfriend, Lana Condor
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After that, they started having a very healthy relationship together for years and years they celebrated their special moments together. Then after that, Lana signed for the To all the boys, she had a huge increment in the number of fan following she had. To all the boys is a Netflix show in which Lana played the role of Noah Centineo’s partner. Viewers loved their roleplay a lot and wished to see them together offstage as well.

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The fans weren’t of them not being together, which lead them to write horrible things about them. And then Lana decided to reveal that she was already dating Anthony, so she was not interested in any relation with Noah Centineo. After that, the hate for him slightly decreased. And despite all the hate, they are still going strong with their relationship.

Anthony De La Torre & Lana Condor – Anyone Else But You (Official Music Video)

Lana and Anthony shared a powerful bond and had a huge fan base. They shared their Happy moments through Their Instagram stories and posts. Their song together got an excellent response. They got thousands of views. As they both are actors, they really blend, and fans have started liking this couple; they’ve got famous as a couple of fans even created their couple account to post their precious moments together.

How Much Is Anthony De La Torre’s Net Worth?

Anthony De La Torre has a net worth of $1 Million. Anthony’s net worth was increasing at a high rate in 2020-2021. as a 28-year-old, he mostly earns through the movies he plays as he is a successful Actor. And as a part of some of the highest-grossing films. And he also is a Singer, Guitarist which probably helps him earn quite an amount of money.

He also owns a YouTube channel that has over 70,000 subscribers her he uploads his songs which also is a source of income for him. He also owns a Spotify and an Apple Music account, where he uploads his music and earns from there. Anthony even performed as a Justin Bieber impersonator, for which he would make about $300-$600 per hour and worked for his mother’s cleaning business.

More About Anthony De Torre.

De La Torre was born on November 24, 1993, in Bowling Green, Ohio, United States. In his family, he is the youngest among his siblings. He had an older brother named Nicolas and an older sister Angelica. His parents were Cuban; hence Anthony belongs to Hispanic ethnicity. His parents got divorced after Anthony was born and was raised by his mother.

Anthony attended St. Aloysius Elementary and Junior High school in Bowling Green. And then joined an online school via Ohio Virtual Academy. And In 2012, he moved to Nashville, Tennessee, to work on his music project with songwriter and producer Desmond Child.

Anthony De La Torre’s Movies

Began his acting career from a voice role in Go, Diego, Go! as Willie The Whistling Duck. He was credited as Antonio Cabrera. he also appeared in a print advertisement for Del Monte Ketchup. He had a recurring role in two episodes of Nickelodeon’s 100 Things to Do Before High School as a Latino actor named Anthony Del Rey.

Anthony with Johnny Deep from The Pirates of the Caribbean
Anthony with Johnny Deep from The Pirates of the Caribbean

In 2017, Anthony started as the young Jack Sparrow in the Famous Blockbuster fantasy movie Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales, directed by Joachim Ronning and Espen Sandberg. Anthony’s appearance as the character was merged with Johnny Deep’s via CGI. This was the part where Anthony’s life turned towards success.

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