Laura Bracalenti is the wife of well-respected football manager Marcelo Bielsa. The architect is a professor and head of practical work at the National University of Rosario. Moreover, Laura is in the Technical Support Team of the Urban Agriculture Programme in Rosario, Argentina.

Laura Bracalenti in RUAF conference for urban development in Rosario, Argentina

Laura Bracalenti in RUAF conference
Source: Urban Agriculture Magazine, 2011

Despite being the wife of a famous person, Laura is low-key in social media and interviews. However, the Argentinian loves watching football and is a massive supporter of her husband’s club.

Laura Bracalenti and Marcelo Bielsa

Laura married Marcelo Bielsa during the late 1980s. Besides living in Argentina, Laura travels frequently in Europe to visit her husband. Additionally, In 2017, Marcelo Bielsa quoted”Back in Lily, My wife ordered me to smile and look into their eyes “.

The Snippet of head coach Marcelo Bielsa
Source: Instagram

Laura is in a marital relationship with Bielsa for more than 30 years. Therefore, the bond between the duo is strongest than ever before. Definitely, Laura is the source of inspiration for Leeds United Coach.

Laura Bracalenti Children

The couple’s first daughter Inés was born in 1989. Ines is a brilliant hockey player and was the captain of Gimnasia. Moreover, Inés won the Argentine of NEA clubs and the Copa Santa Fe.

Laura Bacalenti daughter Ines Bielsa with her hockey team Gimnasia

Ines Bielsa with her hockey team Gimnasia
Source: Twitter

The couple’s second daughter Mercedes was born in 1991. Despite being the daughter of a football legend, Mercedes adores arts rather than playing sports. By profession, Mercedes is a director and producer in Rosario. To Summarize, the Bielsa family is a reputed household.

Laura Bracalenti Net Worth

Laura Bacalenti is an architect and works at Rosario University. The architect earns around $20k per year from her profession. Not to mention, her husband coaches the Premier League side.

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Moreover, According to Athletics, the Leeds United coach earns around $6 million from the contract deal. Conclusively, Laura’s net worth is approximately $500k while her husband is the owner of $8 million.

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