Meet Laurie Carini, the awesome better half of the car wizard Wayne Carini. You might know Wayne from his cool show, Chasing Classic Cars on the BBC. Well, Laurie is the secret sauce to his success, adding heaps of love and support.

While Wayne’s all about fixing up sweet rides, Laurie brings the cozy vibes to the scene. Even though her life isn’t exactly reality TV material, Laurie plays a super important role in the adventure of Chasing Classic Cars.

Together, they’re not just fixing cars; they’re rocking the vintage journey as the ultimate power couple.

Who is Wayne Carini’s wife? Wiki, Bio, Age, Early Life

Laurie Carini is from the USA and is of white descent. But guess what? She’s a bit of a secret agent with her info. No birthdate, no shoutouts to family, and no school days? Mum’s the word.

While she’s cruising the classic car scene with Wayne Carini, Laurie’s keeping her own story under wraps. It’s like a mystery book in a world full of vintage rides and cool chaos.

Laurie and Wayne Carini’s Marriage Details

Laurie and Wayne Carini have been happily married for over forty years, marking their 44th wedding anniversary in 2024. The exact date and location of their first meeting remain unknown.

They exchanged vows in 1980 surrounded by loved ones.

Despite the passage of time, the couple maintains a special and balanced relationship, continuing to support and love each other. As of the latest available information, there have been no reports in the media about divorce or extramarital affairs.

She Is a Mother of Two Kids

Laurie and Wayne’s love story didn’t just stop at them – they’ve got two awesome daughters as proof! First up is Lindsay Carini, born on January 20, 1987, making her entrance six years into her parents’ love-filled journey.

Laurie and Wayne Carini with their two daughters.
Laurie and Wayne Carini with their two daughters. Source: Pinterest

Now, Lindsay’s all grown up, married to a Wayne of her own, and settled in Haddam with her own family. But the family ties are strong because she’s a frequent flyer to her childhood home in Connecticut, where her parents reside.

Then there’s Kimberly Carini, the younger sister, born in 1990. She’s got a unique journey, having been diagnosed with autism at a young age. Despite that, the Carini crew sticks together, living in a cozy log house in rural Connecticut.

And these guys aren’t just chilling at home – they’re out there making a difference. The Carini family is big on charity, rolling up their sleeves for causes like Autism Speaks.

Wayne Carini: A Look Into His Career

Wayne Carini, the 72-year-old auto aficionado, wears many hats as the owner of Continental Auto Ltd., F40 Motorsports, and Carini Carrozzeria, all based in Connecticut and Portland. He has a family legacy in the business, with his father Robert, and daughter Lindsay joining him as grand marshals at the Vintage Motorcar Festival in New Britain, Connecticut.

Wayne’s love for wheels traces back to his dad, Robert, who ignited his passion by letting him take the wheel of a Rosso Chiaro 250 SWB Ferrari in 1960. Since then, they’ve been a dynamic duo, tinkering with classics like Ford Model A, Duesenbergs, Lincolns, and Packards at their shop.

Wayne Carini is an American master car restorer.
Wayne Carini is an American master car restorer. Source: Pinterest

The world caught wind of Wayne’s lifelong pursuit of vintage cars when Jim Astrausky, CEO of Essex Television Group Inc., suggested a TV show. That’s how “Chasing Classic Cars” hit the airwaves on the Discovery Channel in 2008, starring Wayne and his crew in 190 episodes.

From a 1931 Packard 840 Roadster to a 1963 Ferrari 250 Berlinetta “Lusso,” Wayne’s collection is like a vintage car dreamland. Each classic ride, from the 1956 Bimbo Racer V12 to America’s First VW Bug, has its tale, and they all take center stage in the Chasing Classic Cars show.

Net Worth: How Rich Is She?

Laurie Carini’s professional journey remains a mystery to the public eye. Much like other celebrity partners such as Marianna Proestou and Sunshine Deia Tutt, Laurie enjoys a luxurious lifestyle through her association with her husband.

On the other hand, Wayne Carini, her spouse, boasts a net worth of $20 million as of 2024. His wealth stems from a thriving career as a vintage automobile dealer and TV broadcaster.

Wayne has showcased his skills in automobile restoration not only in his series, “Chasing Classic Cars,” but also in shows like “Overhaulin” and “My Classic Car.”

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