Meet Marianna Proestou, the fascinating third wife of the legendary singer-songwriter, Eric Burdon. In the world of glitz and glamour, Marianna takes center stage as the wife of the lead vocalist of The Animals and a member of the band War, War.

Marianna’s story is a harmonious blend of love and fame, weaving through the enchanting melodies of rock and roll. From the iconic stage performances to the offbeat lifestyle, her life as a celebrity spouse is worth knowing.

Get ready to dive into the rhythm of her journey and explore the intriguing notes of life in the limelight.

How Old Is Marianna Proestou? Age, Wiki, Early Life

Marianna Proestou was born on August 19 in Athens, Greece. However, the details of her birth year are not much known.

Similarly, Burdon’s wife was raised by her father, Charalambos Proestos, alongside her younger sister, Christiana Proestou. Information about her mother is also a secret.

Growing up in Athens, Marianna received her early education at the 1st Lyceum of Kifissia, a Greek school in Levidou, Kifissia. She continued her academic journey at the Democritus University of Thrace in Komotini, Greece, ultimately earning a law degree.

Marianna, characterized by normal height and weight, belongs to the white ethnicity. Beyond her details, she is also connected to her in-laws, with Matt Burdon and Rene Burdon being her father-in-law and mother-in-law, respectively.

As a lawyer, Marianna Proestou adds an academic layer to her role as the third wife of renowned singer-songwriter Eric Burdon.

Eric Burdon and His Third Wife Marianna’s Marriage Details

Marianna Proestou and Eric Burdon’s love story kicked off in 1998 when they started dating. After a year of sweet moments, the two lovebirds walked down the aisle at the end of 1999. Fast forward, and they’ve been happily married for a whopping 22 years!

Eric Burdon and Marianna Proestou have been together for over two decades.
Eric Burdon and Marianna Proestou have been together for over two decades. Source: Pinterest

Despite Eric’s fame, Marianna likes to keep their personal life under wraps. She’s pretty good at dodging the media.

Do they have children together? The details about whether Eric and Marianna share kids are yet to be made public. But hey, it’s the secret sauce of their 22-year-strong marriage!

Here’s to hoping Marianna and Eric are enjoying their high school sweetheart vibes for many more years to come!

Her Husband Is Married Twice: Past Marriages and Partners

Before his union with Marianna Proestou, Eric Burdon was married twice. His first marriage was to Angie King, an Irish professional singer born in Dublin, Ireland. The duo exchanged vows on September 7, 1967, but their journey as a married couple took a detour after just one year.

Following the end of his marriage with Angie, Eric entered into a second marriage with Rose Marks in 1972. The couple shared seven years of matrimony before parting ways in 1978.

Who is Eric Burdon’s daughter? Despite the conclusion of their marriage, Eric and Rose had a daughter named Alex.

Notably, Eric has dated Cassandra Peterson, an American actress recognized for her role as Elvira, Mistress of the Dark. Meanwhile, Angie King moved on to become the wife of actor Tim Allen.

Net Worth of Lawyer Marianna Portestou

Marianna Proestou, a professional Greek lawyer, has an estimated net worth of $1 million over the years. Despite her career being private, Proestou continues to actively work in her profession and is not yet retired. Also, know the net worth of another celebrity wife Reina Capodici.

Eric Burdon's wife Marianna Proestou is a Greek Lawyer.
Eric Burdon’s wife Marianna Proestou is a Greek Lawyer. Source: Pinterest

On the other hand, her husband Eric Burdon, the renowned American singer and former lead vocalist of The Animals and the funk band War, boasts a net worth of $8 million.

Burdon’s career has spanned several decades and includes membership in various organizations, such as Columbia Records and English persons of Irish heritage. Together, Marianna Proestou and Eric Burdon navigate the dynamics of a life that blends fame, fortune, and the ordinary.

Short Info On Eric Burdon

Eric Burdon, born in Walker, Newcastle upon Tyne, England, initially gained fame as part of the Alan Price Combo. The group transformed into The Animals, becoming a prominent figure in the 1960s British Invasion alongside The Beatles and The Rolling Stones.

The Animals produced hits like “The House of the Rising Sun,” “Boom Boom,” and “Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood.”

Throughout the next three decades, The Animals experienced multiple splits and reunions. Eric Burdon went on to form Eric Burdon and the Animals, and he collaborated with the group War.

Beyond his group endeavors, he has released numerous solo albums and tracks. In addition to his music career, Burdon has made appearances in films such as “Monterey Pop,” “The Doors,” and “The Blue Hour.”

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