Get ready to dive into the intriguing life of Marilisa Maronesse. She is best known as the celebrity wife of Chayanne. She has been on his side for over 30 years. While she prefers a low-key existence, the media can’t help but shine its spotlight on her.

From being the muse of the famous American musician to playing the role of a super mom, Marilisa’s journey is nothing short of fascinating. In this article, we’ll spill the beans on juicy facts about Chayanne’s better half.

Have a sneak peek into the life of the woman who keeps the superstar grounded.

How Old Is Marilisa Maronesse? Age, Family, Early Life, Wiki

Marilisa Maronesse, aka Elizabeth Maronesse Mariana de Figueroa, hails from Venezuela, and her story kicks off with her connection to Chayanne, or Elmer Figueroa Arce. Unfortunately, deets about her early life, like her birthdate and parents, are like MIA.

But guess what? She’s got a sis, Anna Maronesse.

Now, here’s where it gets wild – Anna Maronesse is the mom of Eleonora Pons Maronese, aka the Insta sensation and YouTuber, Lele Pons.

How Did Chayanne Meet His Wife? When Did They Get Married?

Love sparked in 1988 when Marilisa Maronesse, a model vying for the title of Miss Venezuela, crossed paths with Chayanne. The singer, invited to perform at the event, found more than just an audience that night.

Chayanne and his wife Marilisa Maronesse when they were young.
Chayanne and his wife Marilisa Maronesse when they were young. Source: Pinterest

Their connection was like instant magic. Likewise, not long after, they kicked off their romantic journey.

Fast forward to 1992, the year love took a serious turn. Chayanne and Marilisa sealed the deal in a hush-hush, private wedding. Surrounded by close pals and family, they embarked on a journey that turned them into one of showbiz’s enduring love stories.

Since that day, they’ve been dancing through life together, making them one of the entertainment world’s OG power couples.

She Is a Mother of Two Kids

Marilisa Maronesse, the Venezuelan model, wears the proud hat of a mother to two adorable children, Sofia Isadora Figueroa and Valentino Lorenzo. Their journey into parenthood kicked off with the birth of Lorenzo on August 14th, 1997.

Chayanne and his wife Marilisa Maronesse with their children.
Chayanne and his wife Marilisa Maronesse with their children. Source: Pinterest

Three years later, on December 11th, another bundle of joy arrived, completing their beautiful family. Fast forward to the digital age, both kids have carved their own space in the social media realm.

Lorenzo can be found rocking his Instagram world at @lo_figueroa, while Isadora shines bright on her account as @isadorafigueroa. The Maronesse-Figueroa family is not just adorable in real life but has also mastered the art of winning hearts online.

What Does She Do For a Living?

Marilisa Maronesse is not just the leading lady of a famous musician; she’s a powerhouse in her own right. Before stepping into the limelight as a celebrity wife, Marilisa made waves as a model.

Her journey in modeling reached a peak in 1988 when she clinched the title of Miss Venezuela Latina.

Marilisa Maronesse was the winner of Miss Venezuela Latina.
Marilisa Maronesse was the winner of Miss Venezuela Latina. Source: Pinterest

But here’s where the story takes a turn – Marilisa isn’t just a pretty face; she’s got brains to match. Beyond the dazzle of the pageant stage, she earned her degree at the University of Venezuela.

Post-marriage, Marilisa gracefully transitioned from the modeling runway to the courtroom, where she’s believed to still practice law with a low-profile presence. Beauty and brains? This Baroness has got it all.

Social Media Presence

Marilisa Maronesse is like the undercover agent of celebrity spouses, keeping it low-key without any social media presence. Unlike those who soak up the spotlight, she’s not about that life – no Instagram, no Twitter, like Merri Kelly Hannity and Andrew Shingange. It’s a total plot twist compared to the usual celebrity wife script.

Even though she’s not dropping daily selfies, we do get rare peeks of Marilisa. Sometimes, she pops up at special events, standing tall with her hubby. In the world of flashy fame, she’s the ninja of privacy, adding a touch of class to the glitz and glam.

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