Meet Katia Aveiro, a Portuguese singer known for her catchy tunes and as the older sister of soccer sensation Cristiano Ronaldo. Born in Funchal, Madeira, Katia has made a name for herself in the music world with her pop and dance style.

While her brother dominates the soccer field, Katia’s talent shines through in her albums and TV appearances. In this article, we’ll explore the musical journey of this captivating artist, proving that talent runs in the Aveiro family.

Get ready to discover the rhythm and melodies that make Katia Aveiro a noteworthy figure in Portugal’s music scene.

How Old Is Katia Aveiro? Age, Parents, Wiki, Early Life

Katia Aveiro was born on October 5, 1977, in Funchal, Madeira, Portugal. The Ronaldo’s sister grew up in a simple, close-knit family. As of 2024, she will be 47 years old.

Similarly, originally named Liliana Catia dos Santos Aveiro, the singer later used the stage name “Ronalda,” about her brother Ronaldo. She later again named “Katia” whom she’s known by today.

Her mother, Maria Dolores, was a great chef, and her father, José Dinis Aveiro, worked as a gardener and part-time kit man. Living in a humble Catholic environment with two brothers and one sister, Katia graduated from ‘Dr. Horácio Bento de Gouveia School’ in Madeira.

Moreover, her family faced tough times, losing her dad to an alcohol-related condition at 52. Meanwhile, her mom bravely fought and recovered from breast cancer. Katia’s story is one of family, challenges, and resilience, showing that even in tough times, there’s strength in togetherness.


Katia Aveiro is part of a talented and famous family. Her younger brother, Cristiano Ronaldo, is a soccer icon, having led the Portuguese national team and played for ‘Real Madrid’ and ‘Manchester United’ before joining ‘Juventus.’

Meanwhile, her sister, Elma, has carved her niche as an ‘Instagram’ star. Katia’s elder brother, Hugo, faced challenges in the shadow of Ronaldo’s fame, dealing with issues of alcohol and drug addiction.

Despite the hurdles, Katia remains close to her siblings, especially being a devoted fan of Cristiano Ronaldo. She stood by her elder brother, Hugo, providing support during difficult times, showcasing the strength of their family bonds.

Relationship Details: Husband, Children

Katia Aveiro’s journey in love has been a rollercoaster. Once married to José Pereira, their story took a different turn.

Likewise, they got divorced after they welcomed two children into the world. Now, she resides in Lisbon, sharing her life with her two sons, Rodrigo, and José Dinis, and her current partner. Though she often shares the picture with her partner she has not shared anything about him.

Furthermore, Katia’s heart has seen its share of adventures. Back in 2013, she and Cláudio Coelho shared a chapter of love.

Then, from 2016 to 2017, her heart danced to the rhythm of romance with António Camelier. Adding another layer, Katia is also the proud mother of a daughter Valentina, born in 2019. Valentina’s father is Alexandre Bertolucci, a Brazilian businessman.

Career Details of Katia Aveiro

Katia Aveiro’s music adventure started in 2005. Her first album is, ‘Pronta pra te amar,’ using the cool stage name “La Ronalda.”

The debut was the beginning of her singing career. Further, she soon kept the music train chugging with ‘Esperança’ in 2006 and ‘De Corpo e alma’ in 2007. Her songs became a hit, especially in Portugal’s soccer-loving circles.

After a little break, Katia made a grand return in 2013 with ‘Boom sem parar,’ a cool album produced by RedOne. Her song ‘Latina de Cuerpo y alma’ from her 2014 album was a hit on the charts, and ‘Delicia’ in 2015 kept the party going.

In 2015, she took a big step by trying to represent Portugal at the ‘Eurovision’ song contest in Sweden. Katia’s journey in music is like a cool mixtape, with each album bringing a fresh beat to her story.

Major Albums and Songs

Katia Aveiro has dropped several albums, including ‘Pronta p’ra te amar’ (2005), ‘Esperança’ (2006), ‘De corpo e alma’ (2007), ‘Boom sem parar’ (2013), ‘Latina de Cuerpo y alma’ (2014), and ‘Delicia’ (2015).

Some of her popular songs include ‘Pronta p’ra te amar’ (2005), ‘Portugal Mundial’ (2006), and ‘Boom sem parar’ (2013). With catchy tunes and diverse styles, Katia’s music has left a mark on the world.

Her Brother Christiano Ronaldo Is a Living Legend

Cristiano Ronaldo, born on February 5, 1985, in Portugal, is like the rockstar of soccer. He’s super famous for scoring tons of goals and has played for big teams like ‘Manchester United,’ ‘Real Madrid,’ and now ‘Juventus.’ When he’s out there on the field, you can’t miss him rocking the number 7 jersey.

Off the field, Ronaldo is all about family. He’s got four kids – Cristiano Jr., twins Eva and Mateo, and little Alana Martina. Cristiano Jr.’s mom is a mystery, but Ronaldo and his girlfriend, Spanish model Georgina Rodriguez, often share sweet moments on social media.

Besides soccer, Ronaldo does a bunch of cool stuff. He’s into fashion, has his clothing line, and does much charity work. With his skills, style, and family vibes, Ronaldo is not just a soccer legend but also a real-life superstar.

Ronaldo Lost His Newborn Son

The Ronaldo family came together to support soccer sensation Cristiano Ronaldo as he grappled with the heartbreaking loss of his baby son. In an Instagram post, Katia Aveiro, Cristiano’s older sister and a singer, shared a photo of Cristiano and his girlfriend, Georgina Rodríguez, accompanied by a heartfelt message.

She wrote,

“I loved you, and my heart was all there on this side… May God take care of everything and strengthen your path more and more… Our little angel was already on her father’s lap.”

Cristiano Ronaldo shared the heartbreaking news of the loss on social media, stating, “It is with our deepest sadness that we have to announce that our baby boy has passed away. It is the greatest pain that any parent can feel. Only the birth of our baby girl gave us the strength to live this moment with some hope and happiness.”

Net Worth and Salary

As a celebrity sister, she enjoys a luxurious life thanks to her successful career and millionaire Ronaldo. Likewise, she is estimated to have a net worth of $1 million as of now.

On the other hand, her brother Ranaldo is nearly a billionaire. Cristiano Ronaldo, the famous soccer player, is super rich with a net worth of about $600 million. He makes a ton of money each year, around $100-150 million, from playing soccer and doing ads for big brands like Nike and Clear Shampoo.

In 2020, he earned $120 million, $70 million from his soccer salary and $50 million from ads. People call him “CR7,” and he’s often compared to other legends like Pele and Messi to see who’s the best player ever.

By the time he retires, Ronaldo might hit over $1 billion in total earnings, joining a club with other big-name athletes like Floyd Mayweather and Michael Jordan.

She Is also an Instagram Star

Katia Aveiro has expanded her presence as a social media personality like Emmy Deoliveira and Garrett Clark. With a substantial following of over 1.4 million on her Instagram account, @katiaaveirooficial, she has established herself as a star online.

Katia has been actively engaging with her followers on social media, sharing insights into her life, career, and family. Notably, she has used her social media platforms to defend her brother, Cristiano Ronaldo, against various rumors and criticisms.

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