Get ready to hear about Garrett Clark, the social media star who’s not just acing golf but the internet too! You’ve probably seen his super cool golf videos on Gmgolf and Goodgood channels – they’re like, the most-watched ones out there. People even say he’s the OG of the golf YouTube scene!

Now, here’s the gossip: Garrett’s not just swinging clubs; he’s also swinging into the headlines with rumors about him and Corinna Kopf. Are they a thing or what? We’re here to spill all the deets on Garrett’s journey from golf tees to YouTube fame, and of course, the juicy stuff about his maybe relationship.

Time to get the lowdown on Garrett Clark’s life where golf meets the drama!

Love in the Air? Who Is Garrett Clark’s Girlfriend?

The whole Garrett Clark dating drama is like a big question mark. Nobody knows when Garrett and Corinna Kopf became a thing, but the gossip mill started churning after this TikTok video where they shared a smooch in Aug 2023.

And wait for it – the drama got real when Garrett dropped a video called “Corinna Kopf Caddies For Me” on his gm__golf channel on Aug 24, 2023. They’ve been spotted hanging out a bunch, both on and off the golf field.

But here’s the catch – they haven’t spilled the beans on what’s going on. Corinna spilled some tea in December 2022, revealing her BF Sammy Wilk on Instagram. Some people even think Garrett and Corinna might have called it quits in secret.

As of now, Garrett seems to be flying solo, judging by the vids and vlogs he’s dropping on his channels. High school dating drama, anyone?

Garrett Wiki/Bio: Age, Early Life and College

Garrett Clark is the cool guy born on April 8, 2000, right in the heart of Kansas City. Tammy and Gerald, are the parents who brought him into the world. When he was little, Garrett was obsessed with the Bryan Bros – those golf legends. They inspired him to be a YouTuber himself. How rad is that?

Garrett Clark started paying when he was in early teen.
Garrett Clark started paying when he was in early teen. Source: Instagram/@gm_golf

Guess what? Garrett’s parents weren’t all into golf stuff, but that didn’t stop him. Because of his golf passion, he did the whole homeschooling thing. Like, who needs a regular school when golf is your jam?

So, off he went to Christ Prep High School for a bit of the usual. Later, he gave Kansas Community College a shot. But, plot twist, he didn’t graduate. Nope! Instead, he went full-on into his YouTube and golf dreams. Education can wait until you’ve got videos to make and golf to play, right?

From Baseball to Golf

Believe it or not, Garrett was initially a baseball player in the minor league before switching to soccer during elementary school. Golf wasn’t his first love; in fact, he used to call it an “old man sport.” It was a neighbor’s challenge that changed everything.

Even though he tied the round, his competitive spirit led him to take up golf professionally at the age of 13. He joined Christ Prep’s golf team, showcasing his skills, including shooting an impressive 68 with only two fairways hit.

YouTube Stardom

Garrett isn’t just about golf; he’s the brains behind the wildly popular Goodgood Golf YouTube channel. Starting his YouTube journey at just nine years old, he uploaded trick shots for fun before diving into the golf world.

Garrett Clark is professional Golf player and social media personality.
Garrett Clark is professional Golf player and social media personality. Source: Instagram/@gm_golf

Now, with over 2 million subscribers and 500 million views on his two channels, Garrett’s online presence is nothing short of spectacular. His Instagram following is also impressive, with over 859k followers.

Money Moves: What Is His Net Worth?

Let’s talk money with Garrett Clark! Rumor has it he’s swimming in cash, but his net worth is like this big mystery. But, let’s be real, most of that dough is rolling in from his killer YouTube vids. Similarly, also know the net worth of other social media personality like Bianca Blakney and Kenzi Hope.

Hold up, though – Garrett isn’t just a YouTube sensation. Brace yourself for this: he’s also the big shot behind GM Attire, a company worth millions! Not to mention, he’s rubbing elbows with Calloway Golf and has his very own golf lines. Like, is there anything this guy can’t do?

Garrett Clark wearing his own brand.
Garrett Clark wearing his own brand. Source: Instagram/@gm_golf

And get this – he’s not just chilling with small-time brands. Nope, Garrett’s in cahoots with big names like Lexus, Bose, and GoPro. Talk about a high roller! Plus, his YouTube channel is like his own personal gold mine.

And you know what’s super sweet? Garrett isn’t just stacking cash for himself. He’s all about family love – dropped a cool $100,000 on his parents for a fancy car. Who knew being a YouTuber could be this lucrative?

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