Lia Shamp who is famous as Whoiisliaa is a model, Instagram star, social media influencer, and TikTok star. She frequently shares beautiful photos and short reels on her Instagram page and her TikTok account.

Lia’s captivating content has gained her a significant following and has established her as an influential presence on social media. With her modeling background and engaging content, Whoiisliaa continues to captivate her audience on Instagram with her stunning visuals and engaging posts.

Wiki/Bio: Early Life, Age, education, Family Background

Whoiisliaa, born Lia Shamp, is a social media personality and influencer from the United States. While her exact age is not confirmed, she is speculated to be around 23 years old as of 2023, possibly born in 2000.

The social media star was born in America. Though, the details about her ethnic background remain secret. Similarly, Whoiisliaa recently shared photos of her graduation from Atlantic High School on her Instagram handles, which suggests that she has completed her high school education. However, nothing much is public about her college education.

Regarding her personal life, Whoiisliaa has maintained a level of privacy and has not extensively discussed her family background. However, it is believed that her family is supportive of her career in the digital space. She has not shared much about her childhood or family life in interviews or public platforms.

Relationship Status- Who Is Her Boyfriend?

Whoiisliaa, also known as Lia Shamp, is currently in a relationship with Cayden Gunther. Their love story began sometime in early 2021, although the exact date is unknown.

It was in February 2021 when Whoiisliaa first started sharing photos of herself and her boyfriend on her social media accounts. Shortly after, in April 2021, Cayden joined in and began posting pictures of the couple as well.

Lia Shamp with her boyfriend Cayden Gunther.
Lia Shamp with her boyfriend Cayden Gunther. Source: Instagram/@whoiisliaa

Their relationship seems to be going strong, as they continue to openly express their love for each other on social media. Whoiisliaa and Cayden are not shy about sharing glimpses into their lives as a couple, allowing their followers to witness their journey together.

While it is unclear whether they have any immediate plans for marriage, their bond appears to be solid, and if everything goes well, a future wedding could be on the horizon. Another social media personality Estelle Berglin is also currently dating.

What’s Her Net Worth?

Whoiisliaa has not publicly disclosed her net worth, income, or annual salary. As a social media personality, Instagram star, and content creator, she likely generates a significant income through various avenues such as brand collaborations, sponsored posts, endorsements, and other business opportunities.

The social media influencer Whoiisliaa.
The social media influencer Whoiisliaa. Source: Instagram/@whoiisliaa

As Whoiisliaa’s career continues to thrive and her following grows, her net worth may increase accordingly. The social media personality Jesse James West enjoys an impressive amount of net worth.

Whoiisliaa’s Professional Career and Social Media Influence

Whoiisliaa, a popular social media personality, gained fame as a TikTok star, Instagram star, and social media influencer in the United States. She initially rose to prominence on TikTok, where she gained a significant following through her comedy video clips, dancing videos, and lip-sync performances.

At one point, Lia’s TikTok account had over 600k followers. Although she became less active on TikTok for some time, resulting in a decrease in her followers, she has recently resumed activity and currently has over 6.5k followers.

Lia Shamp.
Lia Shamp. Source: Instagram/@whoiisliaa

Apart from TikTok, Whoiisliaa has also built a substantial fan base on Instagram. Her Instagram account, ‘@whoiisliaa‘, boasts over 12.1k followers. Since starting her Instagram journey in February 2021, she has shared a variety of content, including photos of her dates with her boyfriend, captivating images, and short videos.

Lia Shamp has garnered attention on Instagram for her beachside adventures, frequently posting pictures in bikinis and enjoying swimming activities.

Lia’s Physical Appearance

Lia Shamp is known for her youthful charm and immense popularity among young audiences. She stands at an approximate height of 5 feet 2 inches (157 cm) and has an estimated weight of around 57 kg (125 lbs).

The internet sensation Lia possesses captivating features with blue eyes and blonde hair, which adds to her overall appeal. Whoiisliaa has a slim build, emphasizing her stylish presence on social media platforms.

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