Lisa Marie Boothe is a famous journalist and political analyst. Lisa is currently working as a news contributor for FOX News Channel. In addition, she is the founder and President of High Noon Strategies. Also, a political communications and public relations business.

Is Lisa Marie Single?

Lisa Boothe’s life is not simply centered on a great job. It is true that she has been having an affair for a long time, and her connection is no longer a secret. For a long time, the lovely political analyst has kept her affair concealed.

She is undoubtedly no longer single. She has not revealed any facts to her admirers. However, Lisa Boothe is dating John Bourbonia Cummins. Lisa’s personal life remains a mystery, and many people are perplexed by it.

Lisa with Gianno Caldwell Image: Instagram

According to Instagram pictures, her personal life is also doing extremely well. There were no rumors or documents of her previous partnerships to help folks figure out her personal life.

Her enigmatic love life has come to light, and admirers are eager to learn more about her. Also, find the relationship status of CBS political analyst Jamie Yuccas.

Net Worth of Lisa Marie Boothe

Lisa Boothe’s net worth is around $10 million. According to ZipRecruiter, The average salary of New Anchor in the United States annually is $57,740 and $4,812 a month. Whereas the salary of a Political Analyst ranges from $41,335 to $58,499.

Journalist Lisa with her pet and her first car Volkswagen Jetta
Image: Instagram

She has a diverse political experience that has seen her work with high-profile leaders. The stunning woman has also served as a key news contributor for Fox News Channel.

Overall, Lisa is every young girl’s fantasy who wants to pursue a career in journalism. Also, know about Sports illustrator Aditi Kinkhabwala.

The Fox News Channel contributor is a committed representative. As a result, her net worth and income are very certain to rise in the next years.

She spends time on social media, making money by promoting, advertising, and sponsoring numerous items and enterprises.

The Career Progression of Lisa Marie Boothe

According to Legit, Lisa has had a good career since 2008. She has held different roles at popular businesses and worked with high-profile individuals.

The Washinton Times collaborator got her first position as a staff assistant in the US House of Representatives in 2008.

Lisa Boothe with her mother Image: Instagram

Moreover, Marie has been in the post for one year and seven months. In July 2009, she worked as an assistant press secretary for the National Republican Congressional Committee.

Boothe worked as a campaign spokesperson for Tommy George Thompson and Sandy Adams in 2012.

This gorgeous journalist has also collaborated with numerous high-profile politicians, including Mark Meadows and Shelley Wellons Moore Capito.

Vice President of Political Polling rose to prominence as a Washington Examiner contributor in 2016. Public Affairs Research at WPA Research started her business High Noon Strategies in the same year she got a position at FNC.

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