Lucas Congdon is one of the most brilliant and creative backyard pool designers. In addition, he is also an American TV star, owner of the Lucas Lagoon Company, and head of Designed Outdoor Living.

Lucas’s fabricating skills are so much appealing. So, His competency was broadcast on the ‘Insane Pools: Off the Deep End‘ show on Animal Planet Channel.

Who Is Lucas Congdon’s Wife?

Nowadays, People are more curious about Lucas Congdon’s wife and his marital life. So, who is Lucas Congdon’s wife? His gorgeous wife’s name is Galen Congdon. He extended his long-relationship girlfriend into her wedding partner. Moreover, his spouse is a high-level personality person.

Lucas Congdon
Lucas Congdon with his wife and their kids
Source: Instagram

Galen is Lucas Lagoons Inc.’s vice president and a beauty blogger. The pair seems not ready to reveal their personal life in detail yet. Apart from that, the couple had a great love for each other and enjoyed their love life by spending quality time with each other.

The duo loves traveling and exploring places. Besides that, they have two children from their togetherness. Lucas and Galen’s first son is Asa Congdon, and his second son is Finnegan Congdon. However, they haven’t revealed information about their children. But Lucas’s family is enjoying every precious time with their favorite.

Lucas Congdon’s Net Worth

Without a drought, Lucas has earned great wealth from his various sources. But thprimaryin source of his income is his Pool design company (Lucas Lagoons). According to the ZipRecruiter, the top earners’ monthly salary of a pool designer is $7,541, and the annual salary is $90,500

Lucas Congdon
Lucas Congdon’s house and his backyard pool
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Above that, Lucas earns yearly $90,000 from pool designing. Besides that, he makes money from being an American TV Actor. On the other hand, Lucas has been adding fortune since he was appointed head of Designed Outdoor Living. You like to read: Shayna Saide

Lucas Lagoon’s current net worth is approximately $1 million, regarding all his income sources, similar to Carwyn Ellis. With all the haste wealth, he must be living a lavish lifestyle and uprising his assets with his insane pool designing techniques. He has his youtube channel, which can help him earn a decent amount of money from it.

Lucas Congdon, Owner Of Lucas Lagoon

Lucas had a passion for landscaping and stonemasons at a very early age. So, he started cutting and crafting stones at the mid-age of 14. Meanwhile, he migrated to Florida for his career establishment and became an official APSP and FSPA.

He established his own company Lucas Lagoons in 2003, and after that, he made the dramatic clean natural sand base lagoon using domestic limestone boulders; that was his first project. He won Lucas Lagoons Prestigious Gold Award in housing pool restoration.

Lucas Lagoon’s owner Lucas Congdon
Source: luxury pool

Lucas’s brilliant, custom-creating and state-of-the-art continues to receive honor and privilege from the country. His talent captured the attention of the worldwide nation through his show called “Insane Pools: Off the Deep End.” At last, Lucas Lagoon’s become a famous brand for everyone who has an old messy backyard pool.

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