Meg Ryan’s distinctive hairstyle is the “Sally Shag.” Sally Hershberger is a well-known hairstylist who has appeared on Bravo’s reality program. She appeared on The Jimmy Fallon Show, where she gave a member of the audience a mohawk.

She has styled other celebrities, including Tom Cruise, Jimmy Fallon, John Mayor, Julia Roberts, and Jon Bon Jovi as a personal stylist.

Sally Hershberger And Tierney Dating Rumor

Even though the famous hairstylist keeps her love life private, it is rumored that Tierney Gearon and Sally were dating. Her producer Brett Ratner is the one to set up the two. Famous stylists Sally and Tierney made their public debut when former LVMH US president Mark Cornell threw the Edmiston and Company Sag Harbor boat party in August 2011.

Sally Hershberger
Sally Hershberger
Image: Instagram

However, Sally denied that the two were dating in a January 2013 interview with National Post. They are simply close friends. An award-winning photographer, Tierney is known for her dramatic and vividly colored images.

The Net Worth Of Hair Stylist Sally Hershberger

Sally is New York’s first $600.00 per haircut hairdresser. As of right now, she costs $800.00 for hairdressing. Further, she has four salons in New York, where haircuts may cost up to $1000. Also, know about Chris Appleton.

Sally with her pet Cherry
Sally with her pet Cherry
Image: Instagram

As of 2015, she created a hair products company named 24K that earns a lot of income. Sally Hershberger’s net worth is at least $1 million, similar to Giselle’s Bravo. From her excellent hand and business, her work allows her to enjoy a lavish lifestyle. She also spent $2.4 million on a Beverly Hills home.

Four NYC Hair Salons Owner, Sally Hershberger

Even though Hershberger never attended any fashion colleges to study hairstyling, she surrounded herself with enthusiastic individuals who were experts in the world of fashion and style. As a hairstyling profession begun after becoming a hairdresser for Olivia Newton-John during one of the actress’ tours.

Hershberger got her first job thanks to her friend Rob Saduski working as a costume designer for Batman & Robin (1997). This skill of hers eventually offered a job with celebrity photographer Herb Rits. Before Sally became renowned, the two worked together for over a decade.

Sally styling a model with 'Wolf cut
Sally styling a model with ‘Wolf cut.’
Image: Instagram

The big break came after she designed the “Meg” hairdo for Meg Ryan‘s movies. A brief and fresh approach became legendary and was even imitated by many others, with the lesbian community being its most ardent supporters. She also worked as a hairdresser for Democrat Hillary Clinton during her Vogue magazine cover shoot in 1998.

Sally Hershberger has received the Allure Best of Beauty award for her services to the beauty industry for her Hyper Hydration Super Keratin Spray. She also earned an Oprah Magazine Spring Beauty O-Ward for Shine Revival Dry Conditioner.

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