Makoto Shinkai is a Japanese animator, filmmaker, author, and manga artist. He is famous for his Anime series and movies like Your name, The Garden of Words and, more. He began his career as a video game animator with Nihon Falcom.

Can we know enough about Makoto Shinkai? So here we provide you guys with his net worth, relationship and, family.

Is Makoto Shinkai in Relationship? Who is his Wife?

If we go deep into his personal life, Makoto is married to Chieko Misaka. However, he hasn’t talked much about his relationship life.

Also, many of his fans wanted to know about his relationship background, but he hadn’t talked yet. Moreover, we researched a bit and found that they are met for the first time in high school, and Makoto was the one who proposed first.

Makoto Shinkai and his small family
Makoto Shinkai and his small family
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Further, Chieko Misaka is a retired actress and producer also the star of films, including Versus by Ryuhei Kitamura. Moreover, comes to the topic of his relationship that an artist hasn’t spoken much at about his wedding ceremony and place.

But after a few years of marriage, they finally became parents of one child named Chise Niitsu, born in 2010. It seems both artists are quite strict when it comes to their families.

How much Net Worth Does Makoto Shinkai have?

A handsome hunk holds around $75 million at 46, similar to Brie Larson. Also, he earns all the wages from his career like Manga, Filmmaking and, animator.

Likewise, Makoto has done Adverstiment sometimes too maybe he earns bit amount as well. The Japanese filmmaker made an animation movie named “Your Name,” a blockbuster movie worldwide. The movie earned 41.44 billion JPY ($380 million), which is huge.

Makoto Shinkai is probably enjoying his rich life
Makoto Shinkai is probably enjoying his rich life
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Further, he didn’t stop making money from his talent, and he made another masterpiece called “Weathering With You,” which got more hype similar to Your name. The movie earns more than 193.5 million USD no doubt Makoto earns enough wages from his movies.

Also, his salary hasn’t been revealed yet, but we researched a bit and found that he takes $4,00,000 per year and $8,000 per week. He is still active in his profession, so no doubt in the upcoming days, we might see his net worth growth.

More About Your Name Director, Makoto Shinkai

Makoto Shinkai was born on February 9, 1973, in Japan. He began his career in 1996 as a video game animator. He released his first animation short movie named “The World be Enclosed(囲まれた世界), but he didn’t get proper attention from the public.

In 1999 he published an animated movie named “She and Her cat” (彼女と彼女の猫 ) which movie gave him the strength to make more masterpieces.

Makoto Shinkai when he was in Highschool
Makoto Shinkai when he was in Highschool
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After graduating from Chuo University, he got a job at Falcom, a video game company that made video clips for five years. Also, Shinkai spent 2008 in London, resting since the completion of 5 Centimeters per Second. He returned to Japan in 2009 to start work on his next project.

He released two concept drawings for this film in December 2009 after releasing one-by-one masterpiece movies. There are rumors that in 2022 he planned to release a movie named Suzume Locking Uo the doors.

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