Event manager Mariah Bird is the adopted daughter of former basketball star Larry Bird and his second wife, Dinah Mattingly. Larry and his wife had taken Mariah and her brother Conner Bird on mutual agreement. Larry is the former President of Basketball Operations in the National Basketball Association.

Mariah attended Boston University in 2011 and graduated a year later. After that, she joined Indiana University Bloomington to pursue her Bachelor of Science in Recreation, majoring in Tourism, Hospitality, and Event Management.

Mariah Bird’s Parents’ Marital Life

Born Larry Joe Bird, Larry met Dinah during his college years at Indiana State University. At that time, he was already a player for National Basketball Association(NBA). After dating for some years, Dinah and Larry tied the knot. So, the loving couple exchanged the wedding vowed in a private ceremony on October 31, 1989. 

Mariah's parents Dinah(front) and Larry(center).
Mariah’s parents Dinah(front) and Larry(center).

Larry and Dinah led joyful married life, and their joy multiplied when they adopted two kids; Mariah and her brother Conner. Mariah and Conner loved and cherished their childhood because of their parents’ affection. Moreover, Larry and Dinah loved and treated them as their biological children.

Mariah’s Half-Sister And Brother

Before getting acquainted with Dinah, the Blue Chips actor Larry was a divorcee. He married his high school sweetheart Janet Condra and shared a daughter named Corrie.

Larry’s marriage with Janet was not sunshine all the time. The differences in their opinions led to their divorce after Corrie was born. Despite being half-siblings, Mariah and Conner are on good terms with Corrie. 

Mugshot of Mariah's brother Conner.
Mugshot of Mariah’s brother Conner
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In 2013, Mariah’s brother Conner was arrested for allegedly hitting his girlfriend with a car. The police arrested him at the premises of the Indiana University campus. He was charged with “intimidation with a deadly weapon, criminal mischief, battery with injury, possession of marijuana, and possession of paraphernalia.”

It wasn’t Conner’s first encounter with the police because they had arrested him for “underage drinking and disorderly conduct” back in 2011 too. 

Mariah Bird’s Confidential Love Life

Despite being the daughter of the legendary basketball player, Mariah is more inclined towards private and everyday life. Her father, Larry, was also very protective of his children and never showed them in public events and shows. Therefore, Larry’s kids, including Mariah, do not usually appear in the news or on social media.

Mariah with her father Larry at the back
Mariah with her father Larry at the back.

Due to Mariah’s modest living, her intimate relationships are always undercover. She is careful about her personal information and has not given any hints of romantic affairs.

Net Worth of Mariah

Mariah is already famous as the daughter of the top basketball player Larry. But instead of following in her father’s footsteps, she has made her image as an event manager to the public. She has an estimated net worth of $950,000. Also, read about Rachel Olivia Kove and Ella Craig.

Event managers in the United States earn an average salary of $80,473 annually. The entry-level managers earn $70,674, and experienced managers make more than $91,325 on average. But the income depends on significant factors such as; education degrees, additional skills, experience, and certifications.

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Larry Bird Father
Dinah Mattingly Mother
Georgia Bird Grand Mother
Claude Joseph Bird Grand Father
Linda Bird Campbell Aunty
Connor Bird Brother
Corrie Bird Sister