If you are aware of the sexual harassment case against Warren Moon, you must be familiar with the media personality Wendy Haskell. The 35-year-old Wendy caught the media’s attention after filing a lawsuit related to sexual harassment against her employer Warren Moon.

Wendy is also a doctor, sports reporter, spokeswoman, physician and supports orphans. Wendy was born in Orange County, California, in 1985 but spent most of her childhood in Buffalo, New York.

Who Is Wendy Haskell’s Husband?

Wendy and NBC Universal journalist Jorge Andres dated each other before exchanging wedding vows on November 5, 2019. As the couple work in the same field of journalism, they have a good understanding of their career. Their marital union was publicly announced in their Twitter accounts by Jorge, who tweeted;

Here’s to us! I love you.

Wendy is holding hands with his husband Jorge on their wedding day
Wendy is holding hands with his husband Jorge on their wedding day.
Source: Twitter

Wendy and her husband are confidential about their kids. It seems as though the couple is focused on their career and in no hurry to raise kids.

Jorge Andres’ Early Life And Career

Jorge is a native of Lima, Peru, born on July 7, 1984, and works for NBC Universal. He graduated from George Mason University and started his journalism career in 2006. Previously, he was the sports center anchor for ESPN. Jorge’s favorite American football team is Washington Redskin.

Jose is reporting at the TV studio
Jose is reporting at the TV studio.
Source: ESPN

Jorge is an advocate for orphans like Wendy and a motivational speaker of the “Michael Walton Foundation” that empowers youth. Also, read about Martin Kove and Lily Collins.

What is more, he has raised funds for the Haitian Orphans of the “imME.org” foundation. Jorge is also a CROS Ministries soup kitchen in Delray Beach that helps the homeless and the hurricane relief organization –Samaritan’s Purse.

Net Worth Of Wendy Haskell

Wendy has accumulated an estimated net worth of $1 million. Her earnings source is diverse, which is not limited to journalism only. She was a therapist for Kiwi Physical Therapy from 2013 to 2016.

The therapy was focused on injured athletes. Wendy and her journalist husband reside in New York, but the couple has not revealed their possessions. They donate their part of their income to charities and orphanages.

Wendy with the orphan kids
Wendy with the orphan kids.
Source: Twitter

In the US, sports reporters earn an average salary of $36,659, but the figure ranges from the lowest $28,000 to the highest $82,000 per year. Similarly, as a spokeswoman, Wendy might have earned around $43,208 to $73,985 on average per year.

Victim Of Warren Moon’s Sexual Harassment

In December 2017, Wendy was furious with her employer for his treatment of her, and she filed for a sexual harassment case against him. Initially, Warren, a former American football quarterback, had forced her to attempt bizarre work. If she failed to do as he told, then he threatened to fire her from the job. 

Moon was the co-owner of a sports company- Sports 1 Marketing in California. He settled the sexual harassment lawsuit in August 2019. Moon’s wife is also the victim of his misbehavior, to whom he had hit and choked during the argument.

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