Rachel Olivia Kove is an American entrepreneur and actress known for Assassin X film. To clarify, she is the daughter of the prominent actor, Martin Kove. We have added some facts about Rachel, so make sure to read till the end.

Rachel Olivia Kove Marital Status

There is no clue regarding Rachel’s affairs up to today. She has shared her pregnant photo on her Instagram account. She hasn’t spoken anything about her relationship on the media as well. There are some speculations about her love life telling that Rachel had a secret relationship with her last movie cast.

Rachel with her father
Rachel with her father
Source: Instagram

However, there is no rightful proof about Rachel’s affairs and Marriage. So, either she is in a relationship or married or single, it is still a mystery. However, there are no details about her love life. Meanwhile, her father had some ups and downs in his relationship.

So, let’s talk about Rachel’s father, Martin Kove. In brief, Martin married Rachel’s mother, Vivienne Kove. After some years of marriage, her mother gave birth to twin daughters Rachel and Jesse Kove. However, Rachel’s father and mother got divorced due to some personal issues. Currently, Rachel and her twin sister live in her mother’s residence.

Rachel Olivia Kove Net Worth

As we know, Rachel belongs to an affluent family. However, Just like her relationship status, there are no details about salary, net worth, and other financial stuff. Neither did he display her wealth on social media. She is tight-lipped when it comes to her financial terms.

Beautiful Rachel Kove
Beautiful Rachel Kove
Source: Instagram

Furthermore, she is also a Multi-Passionate entrepreneur and psychologist. According to the salary, the average actress salary in the U.S. is $58,401, which means Rachel might be earning around it or more. He recently owns a house that cost around thousands of dollars.

Rachel had 3,574 followers on her Instagram. Going to her parent networth, Rachel’s father Martin Kove’s net worth is $2 million, similar to the actress Bartina Koeman. On the other hand, her mother, Vivienne Kove, had $6 million.

Rachel Olivia Kove Flimography

Rachel has only done one movie in her acting career, Assassin X. Although, her debut movie has gone popular. Furthermore, As we know, Rachel’s parents are also in Flim Industry. So, talking about her father’s filmography, Martin Kove has worked on numerous movies.

Rachel Kove and her father Martin Kove
Rachel Kove and her father, Martin Kove
Source: Instagram

Martin’s debut in the movie Little Murders in 1971. Later on, he appeared in a film like Women In Revolt, Savages, The Last House on the Left, Cops, and Robbers, The Wid Party, Capone, Death Race, White Line Fever, Rambo: Frist Blood Part II, and The Karate Kid.

In the same vein, her mother has done three movies, such as To All a Goodnight, Demented, and Terror on Tour, in the same year in 1980.

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Martin Kove Father
Vivienne Kove Mother
Jesse Kove Brother