Matt Danzeisen

Matt Danzeisen is one impressive dude from Washington D.C., USA! He’s a big shot in the business world, handling finances, managing portfolios, and making smart investments. But guess what? He’s also known as the lucky guy who married Peter Thiel, a super-rich entrepreneur and venture capitalist.

Now, we don’t know Matt’s exact birthday, but he was probably born somewhere between 1969 and 1973. He comes from a family of business-minded folks. His dad used to own a business, and his mom was a fantastic homemaker. The media star’s got a cool aunt named Camille Danzeisen, and they’re pretty tight.

Shining Together: Peter Thiel and Matt Danzeisen’s Bright and Loving Marriage

Love knows no boundaries, and that’s definitely true for Paypal co-founder Thiel and his partner, Danzeisen! These two lovebirds tied the knot in October 2017 in a grand wedding, and guess where? In beautiful Vienna, Austria.

However, here’s the cool part: they surprised everyone at Peter’s 50th birthday bash by announcing their marriage! Talk about a jaw-dropping moment for the guests.

Now, the love companion Peter and his spouse Matt are not only partners in life but also partners in raising their adorable baby daughter Elanor Kristina. They like to keep their little one out of the spotlight, giving her the privacy she deserves. Also, get to know about another gay actor Brad Harper‘s love life.

But hey, that doesn’t stop the duo from being shining examples of happy and successful gay couples. Matt is a big supporter of the LGBT community, spreading love and acceptance wherever he goes. Love is love, and these two prove that beautifully!

Unveiling the Past: Peter Thiel’s Former Affair Revealed

Jeff Thomas, a model, and social media influencer, had a relationship with Danzeisen’s partner Peter. They met at Coachella in 2015 or 2016 but faced difficulties during the early stages of the pandemic. Thomas lived in a fancy mansion and hoped to start a career in real estate.

Tragically, Jeff’s life came to an abrupt end on March 8, 2021. There were reports that his death is being investigated as a possible suicide, although some people close to him dispute this claim. The Intercept conducted an interview with Jeff before his death, where he expressed concerns about Thiel’s actions and their relationship.

How Is Matt Danzeisen’s Professional Life?

Well, Danzeisen is one impressive guy! He’s an American businessman who knows how to make things happen. You might have heard of his super-rich husband, Thiel. Matt’s been rocking it in the business world, holding important roles in big companies throughout his career. See another businessman Michael Polansky.

Moreover, the businessman started off as an Inside Sales Representative, selling building materials. From there, he climbed up the ladder and became a portfolio manager at BlackRock, Inc., a major investment management company. He even worked as an investment banker at Bank of America Securities. Talk about a versatile career!

But that’s not all. The star husband currently works as a portfolio manager at Thiel Capital Management, a company founded by his beau, Peter. He’s also involved in the exciting world of FinTech, serving as a board member, creditor, and investor. However the media personality is not available on major social media platforms including Instagram, Twitter or Facebook.

Now, here’s the cool part: Danzeisen’s not just a businessman, he’s also a smart investor. He knows how to put his money in the right places and make it grow. That’s why he’s a full-time portfolio manager at Thiel Capital, making those financial moves.

What Is Matt Danzeisen’s Net Worth?

BlackRock‘s manager, Matt’s own net worth is estimated to be over $1 million, which is no small change. But hold on, there’s more! Since he’s hitched to a billionaire like Peter, their combined wealth is on a whole other level. We’re talking about a mind-boggling $2.6 billion! That’s enough zeros to make anyone’s head spin!

Likewise, the love mates have some seriously fancy assets to their name. Picture this: a luxurious $27 million mansion in Hawaii, and an incredible $11 million home in Los Angeles, California. Talk about living the high life!

Also, Thiel himself is worth a whopping $4.8 billion, according to Forbes. So, with Danzeisen by his side, they’re a financial powerhouse, taking the world by storm.

To add more, the media star knows how to make money moves, and being married to Peter Thiel only adds to the excitement and wealth. They’re the ultimate power couple, living large and making dreams come true!

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