Melanie Leis is a regional sales executive in Philadelphia with Independence Communications, which provides Muzak to businesses. She is a graduate of the Berklee College of Music. Leis also works as a bartender and also has experience as a sales exec. She is the ex-wife of Kelly Mcgillis.

Melanie Leis’s Relationship Status

Melanie is a lesbian. There is no information on Melanie’s current relationship status.

She is probably in a relationship with someone because it has already been a long since she was in relation. Yet, there is no proof of it. We will provide you with the information as soon as possible. Melanie might not be in a relationship and is focusing on her career.

However, she was in a marital relationship with Kelly McGillis. They first met at a bar in Key West in 2000. Kelly was with her first husband, Fred Tillman.

Melanie Leis with her Ex-Partner
Melanie Leis with her Ex-Partner.
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Melanie worked as a bartender in the restaurant at the time. Therefore they saw each other and left unnoticed. They met again and fell in love. They married in 2010 in New Jersey. And in 2011, they kept an end to their relationship.

However, before getting married, Kelly shared wedding vows two times. First, she married Boyd Black, whom she met during her Juilliard days. After that, the love birds began dating and eventually got married in 1979; however, they divorced 2 years later in 1981.

After that, Kelly married Fred Tillman in 1989. The duo had two daughters together before getting divorced in 2002.

Melanie Leis’s Net Worth

Melanie Leis is famous as the ex-wife of Kelly McGillis, an American stage and screen actress who has done several movies. She has an estimated net worth of $500,000 as of 2022. She is a very hard-working person and has made a living. However, her primary income source is as a sales executive. Also read: Dakota Beavers

Her ex-partner’s net worth is more than $7.5 million. Melanie lives a very prosperous and luxurious life. She worked a lot, from a bartender to a sales executive, and she has succeeded in her life.

Further, Kelly has appeared in the American action film Top Gun which grossed $357 million under the production budget of $15 million. In the film, she shared the screen alongside Val Kilmer, Anthony Edwards, and Tom Skerritt.

Melanie loves to travel and has traveled to many luxurious places around the globe.

More About Melanie Leis

Melanie Leis was born in 1967. She grew up in The United States of America. There is no information about her parents or her siblings. We will provide the information on it as soon as possible. She attended a nearby high school for her education.

Melanie Leis
Melanie Leis (right) With Her Client
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Melanie received her bachelor’s degree in music from The Berklee College of music. She was a good student from a very young time. After her college, she began working in theaters.

Then she worked in restaurants and many more places to earn her living. She is a lesbian and has struggled a lot from a very early age from many disasters, such as getting bullied and teased and many more.

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