Michael Tell is one of the few peoples who are famous for their marriage. By profession, he is an American rock promoter but famous as the ex-husband of late American actress, Patty Duke. The ex-couple marriage in the early 70s made headlines after they parted their ways shortly after walking down the aisle.

Even though it’s been decades since the couple’s separation, Patty’s fans are still curious to know about Michael. So, Where is he? What is Michael Tell doing currently? Did he marry after his unsuccessful marriage to Patty? Let’s know about it.

Michael Tell’s Marriage With Patty Duke

Patty’s short-term ex-husband, Michael Tell didn’t date actress Duke for a long time before marrying her. In fact, the ex-duo big day was in June 1970 in a very private wedding ceremony. As per some sources, the Academy Award-winning actress tied the knot with Michael while he was in a manic state.

Michael Tell with his late ex-wife, Patty Duke
Michael Tell with his late ex-wife, Patty Duke
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Impulsively, she wed Michael who had been subletting her apartment. The People reported Patty found out about her pregnancy with his son prior to exchanging wedding vows with Michael. Unfortunately, Michael and Duke parted their ways just after 13 days of their marriage. After a year, they annulled their relationship.

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After their separation, Michael is living a low-key profile life without any media spotlight and attention. However, Patty keep on with her marriage.

Michael Tell’s Wife, Patty Duke Was Married Four Times

Late Oscar-winning actress, Patty Duke was married four times in her lifetime. At first, she was in a marital relation with the director, Harry Falk in 1965. As a matter of fact, her first husband was 13 years senior to her. Just four years after their nuptials, they divorced in 1969.

Duke with 1st husband Harry Falk, circa 1960s.
Duke with 1st husband Harry Falk, circa the 1960s.
Source: Hollywood Reporter

After her first divorce, Patty tied the knot with Michael Tell. Following the unsuccessful second marriage, Patty started dating actor, John Astin with whom she shared marital relations from 1972 to 1985. During their marriage, they gave birth to a son, an actor, Mackenzie Astin in 1973.

Patty’s fourth marriage was with a drill sergeant, Michael Pearce. They exchanged the wedding vows in 1986 and stayed together as husband and wife until her death in 2016. Further, the lovey-dovey couple adopted a son, Kevin, born in 1988.

How Much Is The Net Worth Of Michael Tell?

As a celebrity husband, there is not much insight into his professional life. But, it is clear that he works as a rock promoter. According to Work Chron, the average income of a promoter is between $40,000 to $114,000 as of 2021. So, he might be earning over $80,000 per year as an experienced rock promoter.

On the other hand, his ex-wife, Patty Duke’s fortune is $10 Million at the time of her death which is similar to James Roday Rodriguez’s. Subsequently, she made all of this mind-boggling amount of money through her successful career as an actress. Well, she started her acting career in 1950 by playing minor roles in TV shows and movies. Moreover, she played in over 10+ movies and 10+ Tv series until her death.

Not to mention, she was the recipient of the Academy Award and two Golden Globe Awards. She won $32,000 on the game show “The $64,000 Question” when she was 12. Not only an actress but she was also the 22nd President of the Screen Actors Guild.

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