Mitch Blaschke is an American Self-trained mechanic and TV actor. In addition, he has starred in the show “Gold Rush,” and the show has made him more popular. In addition, Mitch is a highly respected mechanic except for being the mining crew. He also runs an equipment business successfully.

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Relationship of Mitch Blaschke

Mitch had a long relationship with his present wife, Hailey, for quite a long time before his marriage. They dated for over seven years and had known each other quite closely. In addition, Mitch Blaschke and his wife, Hailey Blaschke, tied their knot in July 2016. Furthermore, Hailey and Mitch welcomed their adorable baby daughter, Sandy Blaschke, to the world in October 2019. Moreover, he is a proud father; he has mostly posted pictures of his daughter on social media.

Mitch Blaschke with his wife, Hailey Blaschke
Mitch Blaschke with his wife, Hailey Blaschke
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The duo is living happily with their beautiful daughter in Sandy town, in Oregon, near Portland. In addition, his wife, Halsey, has also appeared in three episodes of “Gold Rush.” The ‘Gold Rush’ actors have been enjoying their marital relationship for over four years. In fact, there haven’t been any rumors regarding their conflicts and marital problems. The couple still is rowing their boat of love to the next level.

Net Worth Of Mitch Blaschke

The net worth of Mitch Blaschke is over $200,000, similar to Lilia Buckingham. Further, he makes a salary of $100,000 from the ‘Gold Rush.’ The program has made him over popular, and it is one of the most viewed programs in Canada, indeed. Mitch also has his own equipment sales store and runs his business in the United States.

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He can also utilize his social media platforms, as controlling 69.7k followers can basically earn $200 per post. We will still update you with newer information of his financial background- like bank balance, mansion, and car.

More Information About Mitch Blaschke

Mitch Blaschke was born on December 4, 1989, in Eagle Creek, Oregon. Mitch used to love working as a mechanic, and after years, his dream came true. In addition, he had started working in a maintenance shop at the age of 14 after his school. In fact, Mitch is a really talented mechanic in Gold Rush who, with his skills, can repair damaged things. However, his zeal and determination made him a successful mechanic, and he didn’t have to attend any training to learn mechanics.

Mitch Blaschke
Mitch Blaschke
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Mitch first appeared in the Discovery Channel’s ‘Gold Rush’ season two. Blaschke had a serious accident while jet boating and had broken his arm. However, he recovered from the injury and started working again in ‘Gold Rush’ after several therapies. Talking about his education, he attended Sam Barlow High School before stepping into the field of mechanics. He loves to ride motorbikes and experience adventures except for his profession.

Social Media Presence Of Mitch Blaschke

Mitch is quite active on social media platforms. In addition, he has 69.7k followers on Instagram and 20.1k followers on Twitter. Further, the ‘Gold Rush’ actor controls 85.2k followers on Facebook. As a celebrity and talented mining crew, he already has been one of the social media personalities controlling thousands of followers on different social media platforms.

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