Many of you know the charming and talented Canadian actress Evangeline Lilly. She is noted for the leading role of Kate Austen in the Television series Lost (2004 2010).

But wait, do you know about her ex-husband Murray Hone? If not, then read this article till the end.

The former celebrity husband Murray is a professional hockey player whose early life details are still missing in the media.

Although Hone is gathering prominence as their ex-husband of Lilly, he prefers to keep himself under the radar. Even he is not active on any social networking accounts. 

Ex-Wife: Evangeline

Before sharing an intimate life with Nicole Evangeline Lilly’s successful media personality, aka Evangeline, Murray lived a low-profile life. But his eminence rises right after he starts his love life with Lilly. Although the pair is no more in a relationship, Hone is still identified as their ex-spouse of Nicole. 

 The 40-years-old Canadian actress Evangeline Lilly is the ex-wife of Murray Hone.
Photo: The 40-years-old Canadian actress Evangeline Lilly is the ex-wife of Murray Hone.

As mentioned above, Evangeline is a professional actress who has portrayed her character in successful and box-office hit movies like Ant-Man and Avengers: Endgame

The Screen Actors Guild Award-winning actress Lilly also revealed that she would be writing a children’s book titled ‘The Squickerwonkers.’ Lilly debuted the book back on July 18, 2010, describing it as “a graphic book series designed for children.”

One-Years Of Marital Relationship

Hone and Lilly were one of the fan-favorite couples when they shared a perfect marital bond. How and when actress Evangeline and a hockey player, Murray, met one another is still unclear, but it seems like the two dated more than a month before they tied their wedding knot in 2003.

Mr. and Mrs. Hone shared a healthy bond as a perfect husband and wife from the wedding day. They used to visit many public events together. Everything was going fine; however, without revealing an exact reason, Evangeline and Murray partitioned in 2004 after one-years of the marital relationship.

Murray Hone After The Separation

After the tragic separation, Hone did not make much public appearance. He stayed far away from the spotlight. As of now, Hone has also not revealed his relationship status. So, he is currently living a single life without involving any romantic affair.

On the other hand, actress Evangeline found her new love in Dominic Monaghan after the separation. Monaghan is an actor and appeared in the ABC series Lost alongside Lilly. Dominic and Evangeline dated from 2004 to 2007

 Evangeline Lilly with her partner Norman Kali and son.
Picture: Evangeline Lilly with her partner Norman Kali and son.

Then, in 2010, Lilly shared her love life with her new love partner Norman Kali. From the bond, Kali and Lilly also shared two adorable sons Kahekili Kali (b. 2011) and another son born in 2015

Net Worth

Murray Hone has not revealed information about his net worth or disclosed his career. Many sources claimed that Hone is a professional hockey player. If Murray is a hockey player, he might be earning an impressive salary from it.

As of Neuvoo, hockey player earns $38,025 per year. On the other hand, Hone’s ex-wife Evangeline Lilly enjoys a total net worth of $15 million, which she has accumulated throughout her professional career as an actress.

The Canadian actress Lilly has portrayed her character in various movies. Among them, she is identified for her role as Hope Van Dyne/Wasp in the films Ant-Man (2015), Ant-Man and the Wasp (2018), & Avengers: End Game (2019). Similarly, her notable roles in TV shows are as Kate Austen in Lost, Brenton’s Girlfriend in Kingdom’s Hospital, and Smallville.

The blockbuster superhero film Ant-Man and the Wasp collected $622.7 million in its box office collection under the production budget of $195 million.

Murray Hone Superior Product Company

As of now, Murray Hone’s superior product company is grabbing much media recognition as one of the qualitative product suppliers. C.D. Murray established the production company, but after his demise, the company was later purchased by Harry Berlin and Arthur Berlin.

Its core mission is to produce high-quality products according to consumers’ demand and sell them at fair prices. The organization has released products like Murray’s Whip Curl Enhancer, Murray’s Honey BBQ Wings, Murray’s Honey Goat Gouda, etc.

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