Bobby Lashley and his wife, Kristal Marshall, have a daughter named Naomi Lashley. Her name is derived from the Hebrew word “pleasing.” She is Bobby’s eldest daughter.

Her father, Bobby Lashley, is a WWE legend who has been in the business for a long time and has won numerous titles.

The Early Life and Family of Naomi Lashley

Naomi Lashley was born in 2011 in the USA. Her birth date is now unavailable to the audience. Naomi is an American citizen, and she is of mixed ethnicity. There is no information regarding her childhood.

Furthermore, she was born in America with her parents. Her mother’s name is Kristal Marshall, and her father’s name is Bobby Lashley.

Moreover, Naomi also has two siblings, Kyra Lashley and Myles Lashley.

According to her educational background, the celebrity child has never attended school. However, because she is too young to attend university, she may be in primary or secondary school.

More About Naomi’s Parents’ (Bobby and Kristal ) Relationship

The celebrity child is too young to start her relationship. She is still enjoying her youth with her parents.

However, talking about her parent’s relationship Bobby is a happily married man. Lana, a WWE star, and the attractive hunk had married the knot. They had to deal with a lot of problems throughout their wedding.

Moreover, on the next broadcast of RAW on January 6, the couple finished the ceremony and became Mr. and Mrs. Bobby Lashley. Actor Rick Malone attended the wedding. Also, Read about Myra Anderson.’s relationship/

Naomi lashley
Naomi Lashley with her family
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Furthermore, He is the father of three children, aside from that. In 2005, he gave birth to his first child, Kyra. However, The baby’s mother’s name is unknown.

In addition, he was having an affair with WWE Diva Kristal Marshall. The couple has two children, a son named Myles, born in July 2008 and a daughter named Naomi, born in 2011.

However, The couple announced their divorce in April 2010, and they have been living their individual lives since then. They have not disclosed the reason for the divorce.

What is Naomi’s parents’ career?

Booby Lashley’s WWE career began after he got a contract in 2005. With his real name, he made his first appearance on SmackDown. He won his debut match, which was against Simon Dean.

Furthermore, Lashley was the first SmackDown wrestler to qualify for the survivor series in 2006. Lashley startled everyone by moving to ECW after a successful run on SmackDown.

Moreover, he was a three-time National Amateur Wrestling Champion, a four-time All-American, a two-time Armed Forces Champion, and a 2002 Military World Championship Silver Medalist.

Naomi lashley
Naomi Lashley with her father
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However, Lashley only lasted a year in ECW before being recruited to RAW in 2007, forcing him to lose his ECW title. On Raw, Lashley was unable to make an impression. In 2008, he opted to join the Independent Circuit after losing a run of matches.

Therefore, He won the ECW World Championship twice and the United States Championship once. He has won eleven championships in all, six of which were global championships, and he has also led many pay-per-view events.

Net Worth of Booby Lashley

As of 2020, Bobby Lashley’s net worth is $6 million. His income includes his property, funds, and earnings. His job as a television personality is his main source of income.

Lashley has amassed a large wealth through numerous sources of income, yet he likes to live a humble lifestyle.

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