Nea Dune is a  Croatia actress and model. In Croatia, she is well-known for her roles in many films and television series. Nea is a famous actress who has appeared in films such as Blood Drive, State of Desolation, Ted 2, Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol 2, and Pandemic.

Nea Dune Early Life & Education

On February 8, 1994, Nea Dune was born in Karlovac, Croatia. She is a Croatia Actress. The famous Actress was born and raised in Karlovac by her parents.

The Croatian Actress and alternative model are currently based in Los Angeles. She was born in the former Yugoslavia and moved to the United States as an excellent abilities artist at the end of 2015.

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Dune’s parents’ and siblings” names have not been revealed on social media. We hope in the upcoming days, she will show her family background information.

Nea graduated magna cum laude with a Master’s degree in Spanish language and literature, Information Sciences, and a Ph.D. D-to-be in the latter, according to her educational background.

The “ Blood Drive” TV series Actress, Nea Dune Career

Starting in late 2009, she rose to fame through international publications and vixen roles and has now adorned the covers of more than 30 magazines.

Néa, who is now SAG-Core, has also directed, written, cast, and produced two films that have received over a dozen awards, including a Best International Short Film award for her debut SlavInLA. She is turning it into a complete project.

She is a frequent judge at film festivals and competitions, including the virus, outbreak Hollywood Jumbo Film Festival and the World Monologue Games. Néa studied acting at Zagreb’s only English-language acting school, International Arts Center.

She completed two Master’s degrees, received a Rector’s Award for her work, and completed a Ph.D.

Nea Dune wearing a shooting dress
Nea Dune is posing for a photo.
Photo Source: @neadune

She began her career in the film industry after graduation. Since then, she has been in several television shows and films. Ugly Candy, Feckless, Pandemic, The Godless Hour, Female Fight Squad, Love Exclusively, Sorry Not Sorry, Evil Doctor, Hollow Me, Lost It All, Z Dead End, Lady Tarantula and Hexane, and the State of Desolation are among her most significant works.

All of these films have been a big success in her acting career. She is a dedicated actor. The Lost it all movie actress worked on more than 50+ television series and films concurrently. Nea quickly rises to success in his acting career.

The Love Exclusively movie actress became well-known in Croatia and other countries as a reward for her talent. Throughout his life, he received many honors. She is still focusing on his acting career.

Net Worth of Nea Dune

As of 2022, The Hollow Me movie actress has an estimated net worth of $5 million. She has amassed a massive fortune from her profession as an actress.

Her fantastic role in the respective series has undoubtedly helped her increase her income. Without a doubt, she is enjoying her comfortable life.

Relationship of State of Desolation movie Actress, Nea Dune

No, the Ted 2 movie actress is not in a relationship right now. She enjoys spending quality time with her family and friends as well. She previously says in an interview that she has a boyfriend, but she did not reveal his name. We’re not sure if they’re still dating each other.

Nea Dune wearing a shooting dress
Nea Dune is starring at the camera
Photo source: @neadune

The Blood Drive Actress is single, even though she hasn’t openly discussed it. So far, no information about her Partner or any rumors about their relationship has emerged. She is still single because Nea is always focusing on her professional career. She has kept her previous relationship secret to her.

Nea appears to be more guarded about her Life; She is only focusing on her goal. We hope she finds a reasonable person in her life in the coming days.

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