Omar Gooding is an American actor, comedian, and rapper. Omar goes by the stage name Big O. Gooding is popular for his roles in television programs such as Touched by an Angel, Smart Guy, and Playmakers.

As well as the films Ghost Dad and Baby Boy, in which he played “Sweetpea.” In 2019, he released The Excuse, a hip-hop album.

Omar Gooding Is In Happy Marital Relation

Famous actor Omar is not private when it comes to his life. He is open and posts quite often on Instagram about what he is up to. Comedian star Omar tied the knot to Mia Vogel.

Until October 10, 2016, the actor was assumed to be free of any romantic relationships. Omar was concealing his connection from the rest of the world. Later, their connection was confirmed when Omar uploaded another post on Valentine’s Day in 2017.

Omar's wife Mia with their kid's
Omar’s wife Mia, with their kids
Image: Instagram

Cuba Sr. died in April 2017, just three months after Omar’s first child was born. This duo has two beautiful children Bradley Gooding, and Omar Miles Jr.

Omar Gooding’s Past Relation With Angell Conwell

Before marrying, Omar was in a three- to four-year relationship with his “Baby Boy” co-star Angell Conwell. The ex-couples are still friends. Also, know about Jordi Vilasuso.

Angell, Tanjareen, and Omar on set
Angell, Tanjareen, and Omar on set
Image: Instagram

They are co-stars as husband and wife in the Bounce sitcom “Family Time.” Omar’s wife Mia does not mind her husband working beside his ex, as photos of the pair on social media show them as a close team.

About Omar Gooding’s Brother Cuba Gooding Jr

Cuba Gooding Jr. was a motivating bright person. His brother inspired him to pursue a profession in acting. It all started when his elder brother, Cuba Jr., dreamed of being an artist, so their mother took the family on the road and settled in Toluca Lake, 5 miles from Hollywood.

Cuba and Omar
Cuba and Omar
Image: Instagram

On April 20, 2017, one week before his 73rd birthday. Gooding was discovered dead in his vehicle while parked on a roadway in Woodland Hills, Los Angeles. The fire personnel attempted CPR but was unable to resuscitate him. An autopsy revealed that he died of natural causes.

Net Worth Of Comedian, Omar Miles Gooding

Rapper Gooding’s net worth is around $2 million double the actor David Paul Olsen. This includes his property, money, and earnings. He also has an other brother Tommy Gooding.

His principal source of income is his work as a television personality. Gooding has amassed wealth via his numerous sources of income, yet he likes to live a humble life.

Omar Miles Gooding
Omar Miles Gooding
Image: Facebook

According to Salary, the Average Salary of the actor is $58,336. But quite often, ranges from the range typically between $48,072 and $71,225.

This handsome producer and writer’s earnings come from various sources, including his social media presence, endorsements, public appearances, and movie roles.

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