Paedon Brown is a National Guard of the United States and a celebrity child. He is the beloved son of the Sister Wives actors Kody Brown and Christine Brown, which is why he is a notable person. He is a hard-working man.

Paedon was born Paedon Rex Brown on August 7, 1998, in Utah, the United States. He was born to a media personality family, which he doesn’t love much. He doesn’t love to have popularity due to his parents.

Rex has been frequent on the program since its inception in 2010, and we’ve learned much about him over the years. Brown is one of Kody Brown’s 18 children. He, too, rose to prominence at an early age. He is the third child of his mother and his father’s seventh child.

Christine Brown’s Third Child, Paedon Brown’s Personal Life

Rex Brown was born in Utah. Then, he and his family resided in Nevada when he was 14. Nonetheless, Brown finished high school at Centennial High School in Las Vegas. He graduated in August 2017 with honors.

As a guest member, Kody’s seventh son was a part of the heart of the controversy on the unorthodox TLC reality show. He doesn’t share a good bond with his family members and has an unhappy family life.

On the other hand, Rex is a talented and hard-working person. He attended the National Guard Bootcamp in March 2019. Furthermore, he has proved himself with great success.

Paedon Brown Career & Net Worth

Paedon Brown joined the National Guard after graduating high school, treading in the tracks of his half-brother Garrison Brown. Garrison, Kody and Janelle’s son, enlisted in the United States Border Patrol in July 2016, while Hunter, the couple’s other son, enrolled in the Air Force Academy in 2015.

Kody and Paedon got sued for a car accident they were involved in the accident. Due to the injuries they allegedly caused, The accident victim reportedly sued them for $15K in damages.

Rex Brown easily forgets about his family members: his seventeen siblings and two mothers. However, he made his self-identity with his hard work and struggles. And now living a happy and lavish self lifestyle.

On the other hand, Brown was the main part of the controversy of the Brown family. Moreover, the controversy happens because of their court fights, arguments and being part of the family.

Paedon’s family would be the focus of a drama called Sister Wives, according to the media. This show would follow their extramarital sexual lifestyle, which got banned in Utah when TV showed the performance.

On September 26, Sister Wives aired. And now their family’s S12 has not been released to the media, even though eleven seasons have already been released, and the program often has Paedon with them.

Weird Relationship between Paedon and Robyn Brown

Paedon claims that how he treated Robyn’s children is one of the reasons their relationship has been weird. He always hated everyone in his family, even the newborn babies.

Paedon spoke about his connection with Robyn Brown, his father’s sister-in-law. He claims that how he treated Robyn’s children is one of the reasons their relationship has been weird.

Rex Brown behaved disrespectfully to Robyn’s child since he saw his father doing things with them that he did not do with him. Therefore, she didn’t enjoy it when her kids got harshed.

Therefore, Paedon’s wife moved to single from the relationship with him with her children. The couple ended their relationship, and Robyn started to live a happy and peaceful lifestyle with her loving children.

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