Today, we are going to talk about one of the weird as well as an interesting personalities who rose to fame because of her killer husband. The person is none other than Paula Dietz. Not to mention, she rose to fame as the ex-wife of the American serial killer, Dennis Rader. Further, Dennis is famous among people for killing ten people in Wichita and Park City, Kansas, and sending taunting letters to police and newspapers describing the details of the crimes.

Paula Dietz’s Relationship With Dennis Rader

The 72 years old woman, Paula was previously in a marital relationship with Dennis Lynn Rader aka Dennis Rader. Rader is an American serial killer also famous as BTK (an abbreviation he gave himself, for “bind, torture, kill“). The ex-duo tied the knot of husband and wife back on 22 May 1971 in a very private marriage ceremony.

Paul and Dennis’s meat at the department of a Leekers IGA supermarket

Paula Dietz with her ex-husband, Dennis Rader on their wedding ceremony
Paula Dietz with her ex-husband, Dennis Rader on their wedding ceremony
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Later in February 2005, Police found out about his crime and arrested him. Right after his arrest, Paula parted ways with him. To be exact, they divorced in February of 2005. Through their 34 years of togetherness, the previous couple shares two kids. Their names are Kerri, a daughter, and a son, Brian.

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During their affection, the pair lived in Wichita, Kansas along with their kid. At that time, both of them were Park City compliance officers and were often involved at their church. As of now, Paula is living a low-key profile out of media reach.

Paul Dietz’s Ex-Husband, Dennis Rader’s Murder History

Dennis Rader rather seems to be a harmless innocent man. However, he ended up killing 10 people from 1974 to 1991. On January 15, 1974, he murdered four members of the Otero family in Wichita, Kansas. Similarly, he killed Marine Hedge, (53) on 27 April 1985 and took her dead body to his church. In 1988, he murdered three members of the Fager family in Wichita and send a letter to the police. Further, his final victim was Dolores E. Davis whom he killed on 19 January 1991.

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Additionally, he also tried to kill Anna Williams in 1979. However, things turned out to be at her side as she did not return home from visiting friends that night. Similarly, two of the women Rader had stalked in the 1980s and mid-1990s filed restraining orders against him. Not to mention, one of them even moved away.

Dennis Rader in Prison
Dennis Rader in Prison
Source: Daily Express

As of now, he is serving his criminal penalty which is Life imprisonment without the possibility of parole for 175 years (10 consecutive life sentences). He is serving his criminal penalty at El Dorado Correctional Facility.

More About Paula Dietz

Paula Dietz was born on May 5 1948 in Park City, Kansas. Not much is known about the family, siblings (if any), early childhood and education of Paula Dietz.

Besides, Paula’s husband Dennis succeeded in hiding his life as a serial killer from his beloved wife Paula Dietz for 34 good years. He lives two lives; one as the BTK killer and another as a family man. Between 1974 and 1991, Dennis Rader had killed at least 10 people in the Wichita area in Kansas.

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