Peter Paul Laughran is an Irish Hair Stylist, Musician and photographer. Paul is known as the ex-husband of English Actress Lena Headey. She had got a four-time Emmy nominee who was portraying the role of Villainsous queen Cersei Lannister on the HBO series “Game of Thornes.”

Additionally, Peter is a photographer and stylist. He worked as a hairstylist in the united kingdom, then after Peter, opened Peter Paul Hair in Los Angeles and now serves as its Creative Director.

Is Peter Paul Loughran married? How many children does he have?

Peter Paul was in married life with the actress Lena Headey. Their love story started at a friend’s wedding, where they met and had a little dance together. The couple fell in love at first sight and began dating each other. 

Peter and Lena decided to take their relationship to the next level and married on 19 May 2007.  The lovely couple married in a lavish private wedding ceremony.

Peter and Lena at their wedding, with a a big smile in their face.
Peter Paul Loughran and Lena Headey at their wedding
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After some years of their marriage, on March 31, 2010, the adorable couple became parents of a son. Peter And Lena’s kept their son’s name as Wylie Elliot Loughran.

The adorable couple Heady and Peter’s married life was going amazing at the beginning. But in 2011, they decided to divorced because of irreconcilable differences between them. Then actress Headey openly admitted to suffering from postpartum depression.

In Los Angeles County Superior Court, he and her wife filed for divorce on 20 July 2012. On 26 December 2013, the divorce was finalized.

Loughran with hugging his new girlfriend, Makaha Sugita.
Peter Paul Loughran with his new Girlfriend, Makaha Sugita 
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When Lena separates from Paul, she becomes close to her Game of Thrones co-star Jerome Flynn. But this case of hers also ended soon after. Lena moved on and married Dan Cadan in 2018.

She has a daughter Teddy Cadan from Dan. This relationship also ended in divorce in 2019.

So like Lena, Paul also is in a romantic relationship with his girlfriend, Makaha Sugita, a Japanese girl.

However, the duo hasn’t mentioned anything about their love affair. So it is hard to say whether they are partners only or a married couple. 

Peter Paul Loughran’s Networth

Peter earns a massive net worth, and his salary is also an enormous amount. He hasn’t revealed his net worth work. As per reports, Loughran has earned an estimated net worth of $1 Million. Similar to celebrity Pete Carrol.

Paul makes that sum of money from his versatile careers, such as singer, songwriter, hairstylist, photographer, etc. 

Paul is wearing a light grey shirt with a big smile in his face.
Peter Paul enjoying his rich life
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Elliot’s father has accumulated a huge amount of money as a hairstylist and musician for over a decade. In addition, in 2020, his networth is estimated at around $300 thousand. He began to write and record with various talented teams.

But if we go through, the average Irish Hairstylist is $2,133.22 per month, and as a singer, he earns around $37,818.20, which is enormous. Undoublty, he might make similar to that and lives a prosperous life.

Career Of Peter Paul Loughran

In Loughran’s professional career, Peter worked as a hairdresser in the United Kingdom for a decade before relocating to the United States. Later, he founded and became the Creative Director of ‘Peter Paul Hair’ in Los Angles.

Lena’s ex-husband is also the founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of ‘Peter Paul Inc.,’ through which he publishes “an exclusive magazine for nobodies.”

In February 2015, Elliot’s father began writing and recording songs for the Anchor Jack project with a”very talented team.”

Peter Paul was taking a photoshoot with a coffee on his and wearing a white shirt.
Peter Paul Loughran in a photoshoot
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In addition, Peter worked as a hairstylist in the United Kingdom for a decade before relocating to Los Angeles, California, in 2007.

He took advantage of the opportunity to establish himself as a leading hairstylist in the area, showing his company Peter Paul Hair in the city in 2011.

Most people remember Paul for his relationship with ‘Game of Thrones’ famous actress Headey despite all of his endeavors. Makaha Sugita’s boyfriend has received the British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA) and Soap Awards.

More about Peter Paul Loughran

On July 7, 1969, Loughran was born in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Peter is the son of parents John Headey (father), a police officer, and his mother, SuePaul Anthony Martin Loughran is his birth name.

Loughran attended St. Aloysius College in Athlone, Westmeath, and he completed a general course in Business Administration and Management from the college, which later closed in 2017.

Even though Paul was a stylish Irish boy, it was difficult for him to see his town’s rich and attractive people, but he took this opportunity to become a hairdresser.

He has been passionate about music, art, fashion, photography, and hairdressing.

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