Preetha Jobrani is an American lawyer. She rose to prominence after her marriage to American-Iranian actor and comedian Maz Jobrani. Maz is famous as a member of the comedic group Axis of Evil.

Furthermore, her husband has served on the National Iranian American Council’s board of directors (NIAC).

Preetha Jobrani Is In Happy Marital Relation With Maz Jobrani

Preetha is private when it comes to her personal life. However, she is in a happy marriage. It is unclear when Jobrani and her husband began dating. They have been living together since 2006.

Jobrani Family
Jobrani Family
Image: Instagram

The couple has two children together. Dhara Jobrani, their first kid, is a male, and Mila, their second child, is a daughter. The comedian and his wife frequently disagree over their children.

On the other hand, they believe in educating their children to be decent people and are dedicated to teaching them many parts of their culture such as meals, honor, and respect. This duo is living happily together.

Net Worth Of Preetha Jobrani

Preetha rose to prominence as a famous wife, although she has her own career. She is an American lawyer who has made a good living for herself. Preetha Jobrani’s net worth is around $11 million. Moreover, according to Celebrity Net Worth, her spouse, Maz Jobrani, has a net worth of $13 million.

Jobrani couple
Jobrani couple
Image: Live ram pup

Moreover, the couple lives in a lavish mansion in Los Angeles, California. The husband-wife couple and their children enjoy a wealthy lifestyle.

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Career Of Lawyer Preetha Jobrani

Jobrani joined the Hilton Worldwide Group in Beverly Hills as a licensed/franchise lawyer in May 2000. She advised and consulted the Hilton Franchise Division on franchise growth, administration, and accounting.

In April 2004, Jobrani was promoted to the post of brands channels counsel after four years as a franchise counsel. Likewise, this beautiful lawyer is in charge of external counsel, distribution connections, and strategic projects.

Preetha and Maz at the White House
Preetha and Maz at the White House
Image: Answers Africa

Moreover, Preetha Jobrani was named senior director of the Hilton Luxury & Lifestyle Group in September 2006. The Waldorf Astoria, Waldorf Astoria Collection, and Conrad Brands were repositioned for greatness under her leadership.

Additionally, Maz’s wife is currently a business strategist and independent consultant. She gives practical advice and strategic direction to both small and large customers.

Preetha Jobrani’s Husband, Sister, And Brother

Maz has two siblings: brother Kashi Jobrani and sister Mariam Jobrani. However, Preetha’s sister-in-law Mariam passed away on August 13, 2017, after a lengthy struggle with breast cancer.

Maziyar's siblings'
Maziyar’s siblings’ Image: Instagram

On April 22, 2014, Preetha’s brother-in-law and Maz’s younger brother, Kashi Jobrani, died. Maz, her husband, shared the news on his official Facebook account, along with deep condolences. Preetha, his wife, was at his side through those trying times.

About Preetha’s Husband, Maz Jobrani

Maziyar Jobrani is an Iranian-American comedian and actor. He is a member of the comedy troupe “Axis of Evil.” Jobrani has also appeared in several films, series, radio shows, and comedy clubs.

Comedian Maziyar
Comedian Maziyar Image: Celebrity Dig

Similarly, he has appeared in The Interpreter, Dragonfly, and Jimmy Vestvood: Amerikan Hero. Superior Donuts is a 2017 CBS sitcom that featured him as a recurring character. Further, he has served on the National Iranian American Council’s board of directors (NIAC).

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