One of the most recognizable voices on the planet, Rachael Ann Mac Farlane, is an American voice artist and a singer. She has lent her voice for Ted 2, Lego Atlantis: The Movie, The Family Guy, The Powerpuff Girls, Jonny Bravo, and Dexter’s laboratory. Furthermore, she and her brother have rules the animation field for a decade.

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Rachael MacFarlane Relationship Status

She chose someone from her own field as a life partner with an illustrious career and hectic schedule. The vocal star married Spencer Laudiero. The loving pair exchanged wedding vows on the 4th of May, 2008. Later on, the couple gave birth to two beautiful children, Perrin Elizabeth Laudiero and Bella Francesca Laudiero.

Rachael MacFarlane her with her husband, Seth Macfarlane
Rachael MacFarlane her with her husband, Seth Macfarlane.
Image Credit: @girlmacfarlane

However, in July 2010, the MacFarlane household suffered from family issues as Rachael’s mother, Ann Perry Sagar passed away, after being diagnosed with Cancer. The tragedic incident got reported on Larry King Live. Interestingly, she resonates with some of her characters, which gave her character more depth.

Who Rachael MacFarlane’s Voice On A Family Guy?

Inspired by her talented brother, Rachael choose a career in Voice acting. Some of her initial work was 90s classics like Hanna-Barbera, Jonny Bravo, and Dexter’s Laboratory. Furthermore, she got more involved in production management, animation for projects like The Grim Adventures of Billy & The Grim and Welcome to Eltingville. In addition, she wrote episodes for her animated series.

American Dad
American Dad
Image Credit: @girlmacfarlane

Later on, she collaborated with her brother for the hit tv series Family Guy. Furthermore, she was the original voice for Meg Griffin, followed by another character like Olivia. The 45-year-old shaped our childhood as she worked for network giants like Walt Disney and Cartoon Network. Currently, she appears in the animated drama American Dad as Barb Hanson.

Earnings From Movies And Tv Shows

One of the most accomplished voice actors of our generation, Rachael has enjoyed a lavish lifestyle. Currently, she has amassed a net worth of 5 Million USD, similar to Jocko Willink. Furthermore, she worked for network labels like Cartoon Network, Disney, Lucasfilm, DC Movies, and she commands huge acting fees and endorsements. In addition, from her earnings, she had a vacation with her family on Kauai.

Rachael MacFarlane on vacation
Rachael MacFarlane on vacation.
Image Credit: @girlmacfarlane

Some of her projects have earned millions on box office, for instance, Ted 2 (216.7 Million USD) and some of the most successful animated shows like The Powerpuff Girls, Family Guy, The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy, Codename Kids Next Door, Jonny Bravo, Samurai Jack, and the cult classic The Batman. Furthermore, check out the networth and career of another vocal genius, Veela.

Artist Rachael MacFarlane’s Age And Brother

Pushing back to the earliest period, the voice artist was born in Kent, Connecticut, North America, on the 21st of March, 1976. She was born into an Irish-Scottish family to Ronald Milton McFarlane and Ann Perry Cesar. Furthermore, her brother Seth MacFarlane became another vocal genius known for the adult animated show Family Guy. Later on, she attended Boston Conservatory but decided to pursue a voice acting career.

Ronald Milton McFarlane with his daughter.
Ronald Milton McFarlane with his daughter.
Image Credit: @girlmacfarlane

Looking at her physical persona and appearance, MacFarlane stands tall at 5 feet and 8 inches and weighs around 65 kilograms. Recently, she celebrated her 45th birthday with her loved ones. Moreover, the comedian is an American and belongs to a White Caucasian background. Currently, she flaunts a beautiful face with a curvy physique. Nevertheless, her Zodiac sign is Aries, signifying her humorous nature.

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Ronald Milton MacFarlane Father
Ann Perry Sager Mother
Spencer Laudiero Husband
Seth MacFarlane Brother
Perrin Elizabeth Laudiero Daughter
Bella Francesca Laudiero Daughter