Robbie Welsh is a prominent reality TV star and entrepreneur. She rose to fame after appearing as one of the main cast of the A&E network reality series “Shipping Wars,” along with her husband, Christopher Hanna. She is

Robbie Welsh’s Married Life With Christopher.

Robbie Welsh and Christopher Hanna married each other on the 20th of February 2014. The pair tied the knot the following year and have been together ever since. They first met during their early years while working for the TV Show. And soon were romantically got together. Furthermore, Christopher Hanna works in the same field as Robbie does as an actor and an entrepreneur. Christopher and Robbie being in the same field make a great couple.

Robbie Welsh with her husband, Christopher and their kids
Robbie Welsh with her husband, Christopher, and their kids.
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As per the rumors, they went for a wonderful international honeymoon and had a great time. After their marriage, these pairs were blessed with an adorable son, Cartee Hanna on May 19, 2009. A few years after, the couple gave birth to a baby girl, Sloan Hanna.

Not to mention, this family looks pleased together. They enjoy each other go on luxurious vacations, and embrace those moments. Not only that they even pose for adorable family pictures as evident on their social media. This shows Robbie is having a healthy relationship with her husband and her children. To know more about Robbie you can follow her on Instagram.

Robbie Welsh’s Net Worth

Robbie has a Net Worth of over $200,000, similar to Vanessa Merrell. Welsh earns as she is involved in the entertainment industry and is also known to be a reality TV personality. From her entertainment career, she probably earns a lot and fulfills her needs and her Luxurious fantasies. She is also the co-owner of a shipping company owned by her husband Christopher and earns a lot.

Robbie and Christopher with their off road trucks.
Robbie and Christopher with their off-road trucks.
Source: Facebook

Both these couples have a net worth of over thousands of dollars as they own a shipping company. Robbie also earns from her Instagram as she has over 60k followers on Instagram. They have also set up an online front by the name of us. This online marketplace offered shipping services to people in dire need of it. And being an entrepreneur, she is also involved in the stock market, which multiplies her worth.

More About Shipping Wars Star, Robbie Welsh.

Robbie Welsh was born on 5th December 1986 in the United States and was also raised in the United States. Robbie’s family was all over happy and sound. Robbie only had one sibling, her sister Nicole Jackson; She spent her entire childhood alongside her. Similarly, she hasn’t revealed much information about her parents and her life growing up.

Robbie’s academic qualification is Bachelor’s degree in Biology. This American woman has brown and attractive eyes and brown hair. She had performed plastic surgery on her breasts when she was playing a role in Shipping Wars.

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