Ronald Kurzawa aka RonaldOMG is a Canadian Kid YouTube star and Gamer. Most Importantly, he is famous for uploading Roblox and Minecraft games videos on his YouTube channel.

Interestingly his channel is gaining huge popularity with over 4.11 million subscribers. Here, we are providing you interesting information about this amazing kid YouTuber. Let’s get connect!

Is RonaldOMG Dating? Who Is His Girlfriend?

RonaldOMG does not have any girlfriends yet. He is very young and immature to involve in any kind of serious relationship. He is still a kid who doesn’t know the meaning of true love and relationship.

Most Importantly, his parents advised him to focus on the studies that help him to have a better career in the future. You may also like to read about other amazing kid YouTubers like Rocco Piazza and Vlad and Nikki.

RonaldOMG on his joyful vacation.
RonaldOMG on his joyful vacation.
Photo Source: Instagram@ronaldkurzawa

As of now, he isn’t dating anyone. Matter of fact, he is a game lover. He spends most of his free time playing Minecraft. His favorite video game is Fortnite Battle Royale.

Also, Ronald likes to watch videos of other famous YouTubers. Further, his favorite YouTuber is Preston Blaine Arsement, who owns a channel entitled PrestonPlayz – Minecraft.

What Is the Net Worth of RonaldOMG?

As of 2021, the famous YouTuber holds a whopping net worth of $500k which is similar to Sonya Mulkeet. His main source of income is the YouTube revenue and other sponsorships of the brands.

His videos are trending and are viewing by millions of audiences. Moreover, the millions of views he gets in his every video has made him one of the rich kids with lavish lifestyles. Therefore, his fortune is significantly increasing.

RonaldOMG with his adorable little sister Aria.
RonaldOMG with his adorable little sister Aria.
Photo Source: Instagram @ronaldkurzawa

Ronald has been active in the gaming arena since he was a kid. His self-titled YouTube channel has accumulated over 4.11 million subscribers. Similarly, the ‘SIS vs BRO’ YouTube channel has earned over 14.4 million subscribers.

Likewise, his Twitter account has gained around 7074 followers. Also, his Instagram handle has accumulated over 429K followers. Therefore, this young personality has gained a lot of fame, name, and dollars at a very young age.

More About the YouTuber

The full name of RonaldOMG is Ronald Kurzawa. He was born on September 3, 2008. His birthplace is Canada but moved to Spain in 2016. At present, he is 12 years old and his sun sign is Virgo.

Furthermore, his father’s name is Freddy Kurzawa. He is also a popular Roblox gamer who owns a YouTube channel titled Freddy.

RonaldOMG with his father and sister.
RonaldOMG with his father and sister.
Photo Source: Instagram @ronaldkurzawa

Moreover, he grew alongside his elder sister named Karina Kurzawa who is also known as KarinaOMG. She also runs her YouTube channel known as GamerGirl. He is very close to his sister.

Together, they have a joint YouTube channel called SIS vs BRO. And this brother-sister duo is widely popular among the kids. Further, he has a younger sister named Aria Kurzawa. Regarding her education, Ronald studied at the Sotogrande International School in Spain.

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