Sarah Ward, aka Sarah Ward, is the author of contemporary crime novels. Ward’s latest novel is”The Quickening, ” a Gothic Thriller.

Likewise, she is the novel’s writer, In Bitter Chill, and DC Child’s crime series in the Derbyshire Peak District. Not to mention, her crime fiction series is popular amongst viewers.

Who Is Sarah Ward’s Husband? Is She Married?

Sarah Rinnanon mentioned that she was raised in the neighboring country of Cheshire in an interview. She lived in London. After a few years in that country, she shifted to Athens, Greece.

The author returned to the UK and lived in the capital Derbyshire. Sarah keeps the pictures of her husband on social media. However, she never thought of taking his name on social media. Her personal life is in the cloud. It seems like Sarah loves to keep her personal life away from her professional career and media reach.

Sarah Ward And Rhiannon Ward

Sarah and Rhiannon Ward are her names in different genres of her talents. She split her name into these two different varieties as she writes The Crime Fiction Series Sarah and the Gothic Thriller Rhiannon Ward. You might be interested in other authors such as Erin Fitzsimmons and Dr Jane Ruby.

Sarah Ward Showing One Of Her Book, The Quickining
Sarah Ward Showing One Of Her books, The Quickening
Source: Twitter

Besides, Ward also has to criticize the capacity that she keeps updating in the newspaper. The author has written crime-based articles in British newspapers and magazines. Newspapers like The Guardian and Sunday Express are two famous magazines where she has worked actively.

Sarah Ward As An Author

She writes her novels as a critical activity. The famous writer has written the cases solved by many crime personnel in the debuting series of her collection. Sarah is a member of The Crime Writer’s Association. Also, she is a board member of the Derby Book Festival.

Author, Sarah Ward
Author, Sarah Ward
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This famous writer’s Novel is really explainable. Ward has written her latest novels like “The Quickening’ is the Gothic Thriller. Besides, the three novels are the thriller of the month. Novels like In Bitter Chill, A Patient Fury, and A Deadly Thaw are on that list.

How Much Does Sarah Earn?

The amount of payment goes on increasing with proficiency in any occupation. Likewise, the demand for stories and novels in public increases networth. Sarah is Flexible from books to the series.

However, the average writer’s salary is £23990. Moreover, She has her debuts in series too. So this source is counted differently. Her net worth isn’t disclosed publically. But, Sarah Ward’s estimated net worth is around $1 Million as of 2023.

What Is Her Online Status?

Ward is active on her Social media. She shows herself with her books and promotional events of her stories and novels in her Instagram posts. Rhiannon Ward is active on her Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Sarah Ward
Sarah Ward
Source: Jill’s Book Cafe

The Famous writer has an Instagram account with the username @sarahrhiannonward. She is active on Twitter with the username @sarahrward1. Likewise, her Facebook account is with the name Sarah Rhiannon Ward.

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