Sarah Ziolkowska is a librarian, writer, and reading specialist at Park Century School in Culver City. Moreover, she is also the president of the local executive at Halifax Public Library. However, Sarah rose to popularity as the wife of famous Canadian writer and comedian, Nathan Fielder. Well, Nathan is a renowned comedian in the Comedy Central show, Nathan for You.

Educational Background of Sarah Ziolkowska

In 2007, Sarah graduated from the University of Toronto with a Psychology degree. Moreover, the librarian completed a master’s degree in Library & Information Science from Dalhousie University. In addition, Sarah has also worked as a teaching assistant for two years at the same institute.

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As for now, Sarah Ziolkowska works at Halifax Public Library. Particularly, the librarian helps in development and reinforcement works. According to Huddle, Sarah played a key role in addressing the Job issue during Covid 19 at Halifax Public Library.

Blogging and Book Reviews

Sarah is an enthusiastic and creative blogger since 2008. Being a bookworm, she fancies writing review, especially about science-fiction books. Besides writing a review, Sarah also published her own work titled The Value of Comic Books to Adult Readers.

Sarah Ziolkowska’s Relationship with Nathan Fielder

The romance of the duo brewed in Canada. At that moment, Sarah was a librarian and Nathan was yet to be famous. After dating for a few months, the couple tied the knot in 2007. Furthermore, the wedding ceremony was held in a private outdoor in presence of their close friends and relatives.

Sarah Ziolkowska and her ex husband Nathan Fielder
Sarah Ziolkowska and Nathan Fielder
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The lovey-dovey couple was in a marital relationship for more than seven years. Not to mention, the duo was successful to make the best memory out of it. On the contrary, Nathan Fielder gradually rose to prominence and on the other hand, the closeness of the lovebirds started sinking.

Later in 2014, the couple formally divorced on mutual understanding. As of today, Sarah is more focused on her profession rather than on dating and searching for a new boyfriend. Whereas, the comedian was seen with Maci from Nathan for You in 2017.

Sarah Ziolkowska on Instagram

The librarian from Halifax likes to keep her personal life private. Despite being the ex-wife of celebrity, Sarah rarely came to the spotlight in the media. Furthermore, Sarah has kept her Instagram account private and only follows friends and relatives.

Net Worth of Sarah Ziolkowska

First of all, Sarah is a high-level employee at Halifax Public Library. Unlike other librarians, the members of the Local executive surely receive more salary. According to Glassdoor, the librarian earns around $85k/year. In the case of Sarah, She is likely to earn around $100k/year including secondary earnings.

Apart from her earning and wealth, Sarah’s ex-husband, Nathan Fielder’s has a net worth of $3 million. Not to mention, he earns all of these money through his successful career as a comedian, writer, actor, and entrepreneur. Above all, he earns through his own creation in the Comedy Central show, Nathan For You.

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