Shannon Abloh was born Shannon Sundberg in 1981 in the United States of America to American parents. As far as her family was concerned, she is a program manager at Monster who only had a brother called Cody Sundberg as for information.

She enrolled in Madison, Wisconsin’s Edgewood College. She then completed her study and earned a Bachelor’s degree in marketing and management.

Shannon is the ex-wife of Virgil Abloh, who was a businessman and clothing model from the United States. Since 2018, he has been the artistic direction head of  Vuitton’s clothing line.

In early 2021, he got granted expanded creative duties throughout the LVMH brand.

Shannon Abloh and Virgil Abloh Married life

After a 10-year romance and a surprise proposal, Shannon and Virgil’s wedding took place in 2009 in front of their friends and family. Abloh rarely mentioned his wife in interviews, but there was no mistake about how close they were.

He wanted to propose, but he recognized he’d have to go outside the box to catch her off guard after asking her to drive him off at the airport before a work trip.

Shannon got out of the car to take the operator’s position from her lover, preparing for her on one knee. Abloh allegedly proposed to his companion.

Their wedding took place at Chicago’s Four Seasons Hotel. The couple read heartfelt personal commitments to one other throughout the ceremony.

They had two children, one son, and one girl, not long after. Grey Abloh and Lowe Abloh are their children; however, their birth dates are unknown.

Since their marriage, Shannon and Virgil have avoided gossip and scandal about their personal lives. Shannon and Virgil, a married couple, were excellent models of pure love.

He spoke several things that made people laugh, weep, and smile. Abloh’s parents also had some of their words at his son’s wedding.

The beautiful duo became buddies after meeting in high school. Later, they began dating and eventually became lovers. Virgil proposed to Shannon after a ten-year relationship.

Shannon was sending Virgil off at the airport when the romantic moments occurred. Shannon and her husband, Abloh, were having a happy married life.

Unfortunately, her marriage to Virgil terminated in 2021 when he passed.

How did the beautiful relationship ended?

The beautiful pair of Abloh had their happy married life for over a decade. But the family had to have dark days after Virgil dead.

The death of Shannon’s husband, Virgil Abloh, was confirmed by his family in a touching Instagram post.

Virgil died of cardiac angiosarcoma, a kind of cancer that is highly aggressive, on Sunday, November 28th. He had been battling it out in secret for a long time.

He died when he was 41 years old. He died in Chicago in 2021. Virgil was diagnosed with cancer in 2019 battled cancer for two years before succumbing to it.

He thought of keeping it secret because he wanted to live a joyful life till he could live. He left his son and daughter as gifts to her family.

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