Shannon Reilly is a certified American physician and surgeon. Moreover, She is the wife of a retired NFL American football linebacker, Luke Kuechly. She is also famous for being the spouse of an NFL player on the Carolina Panthers team.

Who Is Shannon Reilly’s Husband?

Shannon Reily has been dating Luke Kuechly since 2012, when they both live in the same place, Evendale. So, it has already been nine years. They both fell in love with each other at first sight. Shannon posts their lovely images on her Social media account. The couple is having a great time within them, and we see the pair is deeply in love.

Shannon Reilly
Shanon Reilly and her husband, Luke Kuechly
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Shannon and Luke create a strong, lovely bond. Luke was with Shannon during the graduation; they both seemed happy when celebrating. Luke Kuechly announced his retirement LIVE through Twitter on January 15, 2020, in which he expressed his gratitude to his girlfriend for being a supporting partner. Also Read: Alexia Wawrinka

Now, they are cheerfully married. But, the couple wedded secretly, and it seems that the duo is not ready to publicize their private personal life yet. As of their recently posted images, they appear to spend their vacations together, traveling to various places. Certainly, they both are enjoying their married life.

Shannon Reilly’s Net Worth

Shannon Reily is not a public figure nor a celebrity either. She is just a common woman who earns money from his medical profession. Therefore, her medical profession is the main source of her net worth. So, how much does she earn, and how much net worth does she have?

Shannon Reilly
Shannon Reilly and Husband Luke Kuechly’s house
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According to indeed, the average salary of a physician is $240,742 annually in the United States. Regarding the data, she might be making money around $240,742 yearly. Meanwhile, Shannon’s current estimated net worth is $300,000. Besides that, Shannon and Luke own a large fortune.

They have a luxurious mansion worth million dollars. Shannon and Luke prefer to live a lavish life. So, they also spilled a good amount of their fortune on luxurious cars like Cadillac cost $175,000; Audi cost around $220,000; and BMW.

Shannon Reilly Career

Shannon Reilly was born in the middle of a doctor’s family, which led her to take the same path following his father. Her father, Dr. Daniel Reilly, is a prominent doctor. Therefore, Shannon chooses to work as a hand surgery specialist and Physician Assistant.

Shannon Reilly
Shannon Reilly
Source: OrthoCarolina

During that time, she also started working in the Orthocarolina company after being a certified Physician Assistant. OrthoCarilina is one of the nation’s largest, most comprehensive orthopedic practices. It provides medical injuries like a torn muscle, spine injuries and other sports-related injuries.

Today, she works as a physician, surgeon and blogger. She posts blogs about medical terms and information regarding healthcare. Moreover, Shannon Reilly lives as an American certified physician and surgeon and the wife of Luke Kuechly. This American football middle linebacker player played with the Carolina Panthers team of the National Football League (NFL). She has a happy life with her husband and enjoys every moment of his life.

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