Sharon Horgan is a famous Irish actress, writer, comedian, and producer born in the United Kingdom. The public mainly recognized her for starring in and co-writing Pulling and Catastrophe’s comedy programs.

She also created a hilarious show, Divorce, an HBO comedy series.

Horgan is the son of Irish parents and was born in London, United Kingdom. Her parents transferred the family to Ireland to start a turkey farm when she was four. In Drogheda, she attended the Sacred Heart convent school.

Previous Relationship Timeline of Sharon Horgan

Horgan and her former spouse, Jeremy Rainbird, had a long-term romantic relationship. The adorable pair tied the knot in Chelsea Register Office in London on October 16, 2005.

They married more than a year after meeting, but they already had a six-month-old daughter at the time.

Sharon met her husband when she was 34 years old and became pregnant after only six months of dating. The incident had such a severe impact on her life that she needed to straighten it all out, the actress recalled in January 2007.

Throughout the conversation, Jeremy’s ex-wife expressed her and Rainbird’s belief that they were the right people for each other. They were delighted that they had found each other in each other. She said he’ll never find someone better for her, and she knows he’ll never find someone better for him.

Later in their marriage, the wonderful couple had two children and lived together in Victoria Park, Hackney, London. Their marriage would survive forever, even though things had not gone as planned.

After Divorce, Jeremy Praised Her Ex-Wife

Rainbird explained that she and her businessman husband parted on good terms after the actress acknowledged their breakup. During the interview with The Sunday Times, he complimented Horgan.

Sharon’s ex-husband praised her for drawing from life while stressing that they would remain great friends despite their divorce. He stated in January 2022 that they would legally separate in the next three to four months.

The ex-loving couple went on to say that they would co-parent their two children. The actress stated that the family spent out together and that they all felt fortunate to be real friends.

Jeremy is also a managing partner with Sharon’s production firm, Merman, and the two former life partners are also business partners. The production business has produced several successful shows.

Divorce, HBO Comedy Series Creator Had New Marriage Or Not?

After the divorce, Horgan concentrated on her profession while co-parenting her children with Rainbird. They are both content with their half-separation and that they can share their children.

Sharon told the Telegraph that she needed to be more prepared and arrange things ahead of time after her divorce. She is a businesswoman who still works with her ex-husband in a joint venture.

‘If you anticipate you’ll be filming in Ireland for three weeks, make sure your co-parent is aware of your plans,’ she advised. She appeared in several films, including Dating Amber, House Broken, and others.

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