Sharon Marie Huddle, a family law whiz and co-founder of the National Coalition Against Surrogacy, got caught in the spotlight because of her marriage to Joseph James DeAngelo. He’s the ‘Golden State Killer,’ known for scary crimes that shook everyone up.

Did She Know? Even though they had been married for ages, Sharon had no clue about his dark deeds until he spilled the beans in 2018. After that, she kept things hush-hush, staying away from the limelight with her daughters. Where she’s at now and what she’s up to? That’s a mystery.

Sharon’s story is all about dealing with a whirlwind of secrets and staying private in the middle of a crazy media storm.

Sharon Marie Huddle: Age, Wiki, Early Life

Sharon Marie Huddle was born in 1953 and is in her 70s, while her ex-husband Joseph is 77 as of 2023. She was born and raised in the United States, specifically in Citrus Heights.

Her parents are identified as Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Huddle. While there’s limited information available about her early life, she is confirmed to be of American nationality and Caucasian ethnicity.

Educational Background

Sharon Huddle pursued her education after attending San Juan High School and American River College.

Huddle later enrolled at McGeorge School of Law, University of the Pacific in Sacramento, where she studied law.

When Did Sharon First Meet Joseph James DeAngelo

Sharon Marie Huddle crossed paths with Joseph James DeAngelo at California State Sacramento, where DeAngelo was studying criminal justice. He was a retired Navy officer and a Vietnam veteran back then.

Their love story’s early chapters are a bit hazy, but they hit it off soon after meeting and started dating. Before long, they moved in together in Auburn, stepping into a life journey that would take some unexpected turns.

Her Marriage With Joseph James DeAngelo ‘Golden State Killer’

Sharon Marie Huddle and Joseph James DeAngelo united in matrimony in November 1973, marking the culmination of a courtship that spanned several years.

Their wedding unfolded in the serene setting of Auburn First Congregational Church, a momentous occasion where Sharon, then 20, joined hands with her 27-year-old partner.

Simultaneously, Joseph James DeAngelo commenced his professional journey, joining the Exeter police force that same year. His tenure extended until 1976, during which he served in the burglary unit, showcasing an early phase of his law enforcement career before it took a troubling turn.

However, the narrative of their marriage took an intriguing turn by the late 1970s. Nick Willick, Chief of the Auburn Police Department, recollected his visit to the DeAngelo residence during this period. Willick was struck by an unconventional detail within their home: separate bedrooms.

Despite being in their early 30s, the couple had chosen to maintain distinct sleeping quarters. DeAngelo explained that they preferred this arrangement and only came together when they felt the need.

When Did They Got Divorce?

Sharon Marie Huddle and Joseph James DeAngelo, despite living separately within their home for years, officially separated in 1991. Even with this separation, they remained legally bound for an extended period.

The divorce proceedings were initiated when Sharon filed for divorce in Placer County in July 2018, just a few months after Joseph’s arrest.

Before his relationship with Sharon, Joseph had an earlier engagement with Bonnie Jean Colwell, a nursing student he met during their time at Sierra College. However, their engagement ended in 1971.

During an interview with ABC10 in 2020, Bonnie reminisced about their short-lived romance, shedding light on a lesser-known chapter in Joseph’s life before his marriage to Sharon.

She Shares Three Daughters With Joseph DeAngelo

Sharon Marie Huddle and Joseph James DeAngelo have three daughters. Their first daughter was born in September 1981, a period when Joseph had already committed numerous crimes, including 50 rapes.

Subsequently, their second daughter entered the world in November 1986, followed by the birth of their third daughter in May 1989.

Sharon Marie Huddle's ex-husband, Joseph James DeAngelo with his daughter.
Sharon Marie Huddle’s ex-husband, Joseph James DeAngelo with his daughter. Source: Pinterest

According to various online sources, one of Sharon’s daughters is an emergency room physician based in the Midwest. Another is pursuing a Ph.D. at the University of California, Davis, and serves as a graduate teaching assistant. Additionally, at one point, one of Huddle’s daughters also worked for her law firm.

During the time of DeAngelo’s arrest, the notorious criminal was residing with his third daughter and granddaughter, providing a glimpse into the complex and intertwined lives of the family amidst the unfolding revelations.

What Does She Do Now?

Sharon Marie Huddle is a lawyer who runs her law firm called Sharon M Huddle. Her firm deals with divorce, family, and real estate law, and people seem to like it, as seen on Yelp.

She got her law license in California back in 1982 and is still rocking it with no hiccups from the authorities. She’s based in Roseville and has been fighting legal battles without any problems.

But that’s not all to Sharon! She’s not just about law stuff; she’s also big on fighting against surrogacy. She’s the co-founder of the National Coalition Against Surrogacy.

You see, she got into this fight when California was talking about making laws for surrogate mothers getting paid to carry babies from donors. Sharon wasn’t a fan of that idea at all.

Joseph DeAngelo: The Golden State Killer’s Charges and Life Imprisonment

Sharon Marie Huddle’s ex-husband, Joseph James DeAngelo, faced a reckoning after a prolonged investigation into his crimes. He was charged with a staggering tally of 13 counts of murder, 50 rapes, and 120 burglaries.

Known as the Golden State Killer, Joseph began his spree of assaults, killings, and burglaries in the mid-1970s, leaving a trail of terror and devastation across California.

Also, know the case of Starlet Dugard‘s mother Jaycee Dugard, who gained prominence after being kidnapped at the age of 11 and held captive for 18 years.

Joseph James DeAngelo during his trial.
Joseph James DeAngelo during his trial. Source: Pinterest

Despite his years-long reign of terror, authorities finally apprehended DeAngelo on April 18, 2018, bringing an end to the exhaustive search for the elusive culprit.

During his criminal spree spanning from 1974 to 1986, he inflicted profound tragedy upon numerous Californian women. Likewise, he was responsible for approximately 100 home burglaries in Northern California.

Following his arrest, legal proceedings took around two years to conclude. In August 2020, during his hearing, DeAngelo received multiple consecutive life sentences, permanently closing the door on any possibility of parole.

What Happened To Her After Knowing the Truth?

Sharon Marie Huddle, long married to Joseph James DeAngelo, navigates a drastically altered life following her ex-husband’s conviction. Despite spending years as his life partner and mother to their three daughters, she remained unaware of his heinous activities.

Joseph James DeAngelo after his arrest in 2018.
Joseph James DeAngelo after his arrest in 2018. Source: Pinterest

In August 2020, breaking her silence since DeAngelo’s 2018 arrest, the lawyer conveyed her anguish through a victim impact statement submitted to Sacramento Superior Court. The revelation of Joseph’s horrific crimes left her shattered, leading to post-traumatic stress disorder and persistent fear.

Huddle expressed the devastation caused by her partner’s deception throughout their years together.

“I will never be the same person,” she lamented in her statement. “I now live every day burdened by the knowledge of his assaults and the irrevocable damage he inflicted on countless lives, ending the lives of 13 innocent individuals who were cherished and have been mourned for over four decades.”

Is She Still Alive? Where Is She Today?

Yes, Sharon is still alive. She presently calls Roseville home, reportedly living alongside her daughters and a granddaughter.

However, details regarding her life post-her ex-husband’s conviction remain largely undisclosed. She maintains a low profile, absent from any visible presence on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

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