Siri Solalinna is a Finnish actress best known for a role in the film. Hacking Siiri Solalinna is a well-known Finnish model and Actress.

She is most recognized for her part in Hatching, which premiered on January 23, 2022, at the Sundance Film Festival. As of the year 2022, she is just 14 years old.

Personal Life

Thirteen-year-old Siiri is a well-known Finnish model and Actress from the united states. she was born and raised in Turku, Finland.

The acting artist also has a younger sister whose name is not available yet. Both siblings attend a local school, and Siiri is currently a middle school student.

She is with her family.
Source: Hoc wiki.

Kirsi Solalinna, Siiri’s mother, is the main reason why the teenage girl became an actress. Her parents are proud of her and want her not anything.

However, it the perfect in the long term. Sirri, who was only 13 years at the filming, started that time selection process was long and exciting.

She has a baby brother Oiva Ollila, who is also featured in the movie “Hatching” alongside his sister. Hatching Actress Siiri Solalinna’s age is not disclosed yet. She is a very young talented actress who is not available on Wikipedia.


She started her career in 2022 by featuring in the most anticipated horror movie of 2022. She has not mentioned her acting journey in media and is just getting recognition from mainstream media.

Siiri remains passionate about portraying characters from a young age.

The Actress received high praise from the movie director, Hanna Bergholm. Siiri’s “method acting” has created a fuss about her on social media. Many top directors and producers are impressed with the child’s talent and hope to work together in the future. 

This is the picture from her movie, Hatching.
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Let’s talk about how she got the role of Hitching; when Siiri was on vacation with her family, she received a call and finally found out about her selection.

The young Actress likes typically to watch drama, and sometimes also fantasy. But when the time came for the screening of “Hatching,” she had to put her hands in front of her eyes.


What do you think about her relationship? Is she dating someone?

If you don’t know then, let’s know about it.

As of the current year, 2022, she is just running 14 from the last month. According to the database, she has not any social media. Siiri Solalinna hasn’t given out any information about her boyfriend as her dating history remains a mystery as she hasn’t announced anything relating to her lifestyle.

And we can easily say that she is single. Also, she is not interested in that. So, she focused on her career and occupation from this sweet age and did not want to be distracted from it. Her study is also going very well.


Talking about her networth, there is no more information about it. As of 2022, the estimated networth of the Actress in the united states is $58,901.And on the other hand, the range is often between $48,000 and $71,000.

The starlet actor enjoys her life and treats herself to exotic holidays and designer things.

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