Steve Ross was an American Businessman and an entrepreneur. He was the C.E.O. of Warner Media, Warner Communications, and Kinney National Services. Ross was famous for his marketing skills and knowledge. He was one of the billionaires of America.

Steve Ross Married Thrice In His Lifetime

Ross married three times in his whole lifetime. In 1953 he married Carol Rosenthal, daughter of Edward Rosenthal. They had two children together, Toni Ross Salaway and Mark Ross. They lived happily together, but some serious problems occurred. Ross and Carol divorced in 1978 after 25 years of their relationship.

After his divorce from Carol, he met Amanda Burden in a business meeting. In 1980, Ross married Amanda Burden, the daughter of Barbara Mortimer. Their relationship didn’t last very long as Amanda found that Ross was dating Courtney Sale. They got divorced after 16 months of their marriage.

Steve Ross With His Second Wife, Amanda Burden
Steve Ross With His Second Wife, Amanda Burden
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His third marriage was with Courtney Sale in 1982. Courtney Sale was the daughter of a prosperous Bryan Texas Family. They were dating since Ross was in a relationship with Amanda Burden, and after their divorce, they eventually married. Their relationship lasted for 10 years and ended after the death of Steve Ross.

Steve Ross’s Net Worth

In 1988 Ross’s Net worth was $4 Billion. Ross was the C.E.O. of Time Warne. He was also the C.E.O. of Warner Communications and Kinney Services.

Ross had a worth of 1.8 million shares which resulted in being worth $3 billion. He signed an employment contract, making him the highest-paid American business executive, averaging $14 million annually.

Steve Roos is in a billionaire party
Steve Roos is in a billionaire party.
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Due to his marketing skills, people would also pay him for advice.

Steve had a lot of followers and was sponsoring many organizations through which he used to earn a lot of money. He owned many mansions and luxurious products. Ross was very into a business where he spent most of his money more on his business than himself.

Steve Ross Early Life

Steven Jay Ross was born on April 5, 1927, in Brooklyn, New York, the son of Mayer Rechnitz. His father lost all his money during the Great Depression.

Young Steve Ross
Young, Steve Ross
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They changed their last name from Rechnitz to Ross. In the hope of finding work with fewer struggles. Ross attended Paul Smith’s College for two years and then joined the U.S. Navy. After his military service, he went to his uncle’s store in the Garment District in Manhattan.

Steve Ross’s Death

On December 20, 1992, Ross died due to compilations of prostate cancer, from which he suffered in his final years.

He was given a memorable funeral for his inspiring hard work and leadership. Clint Eastwood dedicated his Best Picture Oscar, which won for Unforgiven, in Ross’s memory. R.I.P.

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