Eric Mumford is a well-educated man who works as an educator in various universities. Similarly, he is an author of modern architecture and urbanism. Furthermore, he is the curator and catalog editor of the Le Corbusier section of Ando and Le Corbusier at Alpha Exhibitions. Besides that, he is the spouse of the famous woman, Lynn Toler.

Eric Mumford Relation With Lynn Toler

Eric got into the limelight due to his spouse, who is a brilliant lawyer. In the same vein, Eric married Lynn Toler in 1989. The couple wedded in a secret wedding where a people of their close are present like their, family, relatives and friends.

Eric Mumford with her wife
Eric Mumford with her wife
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Today, couples share two children named Xavier Mumford and William Mumford. Back in April 2019, Eric’s wife uploaded a picture of them on Instagram, saying, the day they exchanged vows. That picture was taken fourteen years ago.

Before marrying Lynn Toler, he had already tied a knot with another woman. Unfortunately, there is no information regarding his first marriage. But, he had four kids with his first wife. Currently, Eric and his wife and six children are living in Mesa, Arizona.

Eric Mumford Net Worth

The talented man who has great knowledge about architectonic has earned a considerable amount from his promising career. However, the question is rising about his net worth, income, and salary. So, without any do let’s go to his financial stuff.

Eric Mumford and his family
Eric Mumford and his family
Source: Instagram

At first, talking about his salary, according to the salary, the average salary of the editor is $75,857. However, the range typically falls around $61,968 and $81,373. Through this information, we can assume that Eric is also earning around it.

Going to Eric’s net worth, there is no information about his net worth. But still, some of the reports believe that he has a net worth of more than $1 million. Likewise, his wife has a net worth of $10 million roughly.

Eric Mumford Wife, Lynn Toler

Lynn Candace Toler, aka Lynn Toler, was born on October 25, 1959, in Columbus, Ohio, United States. Apart from her profession as a lawyer, she is also a judge, television arbitrator, and television presenter.

Lynn Toler
Lynn Toler
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Moreover, she is well-known as a former arbitrator over the longest-running court show, Divorce Court. Meanwhile, she is the longest-reigning arbitrator over the 14 seasons of the series, Divorce Court, from 2006-07 between 2019-20.

Furthermore, Toler is also best-known for her current co-presenting role and Dr.Ish Major as wedding mentor in the Marriage Boot Camp series. Specifically, the TV series Marriage Boot Camp is a Reality, Stars-Hip Hop Edition.

He has hosted Marriage Boot Camp for 3 seasons since the series 16th season, which premiered on February 6, 2020. Marriage Boot Camp’s 18th season premiered on October 17, 2021.

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Lynn Toler wife
William Mumford Son
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