Taylin Gaulden, the son of renowned American rapper Kentrell DeSean Gaulden, widely recognized as Young Boy Never Broke Again, has gained significant attention as a celebrity child.

Born during his father’s peak years in the music industry, Taylin’s presence in the limelight has intrigued fans and followers alike. In this article, we delve into the life of Gaulden, exploring the unique experiences, challenges, and influences that come with being the offspring of a prominent artist.

Early Life- How Old Is He?

On March 19, 2017, the Gaulden family in Louisiana, United States, celebrated the joyous arrival of their eldest child, Taylin Gaulden.

As of now, the celebrity’s son is 6 years old.

Young Taylin Gaulden with his mother.
Young Taylin Gaulden with his mother. Source: Pinterest

Growing up as the son of Kentrell DeSean Gaulden, professionally known as Young Boy Never Broke Again, Taylin experienced the unique upbringing that comes with being part of a renowned rapper’s family.

YoungBoy Never Broke Again (Father)

Kentrell DeSean Gaulden, widely known by his stage name YoungBoy Never Broke Again, is an American rapper, singer, and songwriter. Born on October 20, 1999, in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA, YoungBoy had a challenging start to life when he broke his neck as a toddler. He wore a temporary head brace during his recovery, which left a permanent scar on his forehead.

Due to his father’s lengthy prison sentence, YoungBoy was primarily raised by his grandmother. He attended school until the ninth grade but dropped out to pursue his passion for music. Remarkably, at the age of fourteen, he began producing music and gained recognition with his mixtape, “Life Before Fame,” released in 2014 under the name NBA YoungBoy.

YoungBoy went on to release numerous successful mixtapes, including “38 Baby,” “Win or Lose,” “Don’t Matter,” “Untouchable,” and “Outside Today.” Many of his songs have charted on the Billboard Hot 100, solidifying his position as a prominent figure in the music industry.

However, YoungBoy has faced legal troubles throughout his career, being arrested multiple times for offenses such as attempted first-degree murder, weapon violations, and kidnapping.

Trinia “Nia” (Mother)

Trinia “Nia” is the mother of Taylin Gaulden, although limited information is available about her. It is known that YoungBoy and Nia were not in a committed relationship but had a one-night stand, after which Nia informed YoungBoy about her pregnancy.

Taylin Gaulden and his mother Nia were together when they got into a car accident.
Taylin Gaulden and his mother Nia were together when they got into a car accident. Source: Instagram

The DNA test confirmed Taylin as his son, and YoungBoy took responsibility for them.

Although YoungBoy and Nia are not in a marital relationship, they are together for the sake of their child. YoungBoy has custody of Taylin, and currently, the child resides with his father and siblings in Los Angeles.

Taylin Has A Eleven Siblings From His Father’s Side

NBA YoungBoy, also known as Kentrell DeSean Gaulden, has built a large and diverse family with a total of eleven children from various relationships. His journey as a father began at a young age, with his first child, Kayden Gaulden, born on July 4, 2016, to his former partner Nisha when YoungBoy was just 16 years old. They also have a daughter named Armani Gaulden.

The rapper’s son, Kamiri Gaulden, was born on July 6, 2017, to YoungBoy and Starr Dejanee. Likewise, Kacey Alexander Gaulden is another son of the rapper and his then-girlfriend, Jania Meshell Bania born on February 13, 2029.

NBA YoungBoy's sons.
NBA YoungBoy’s sons. Source: Instagram

Kodi Capri, YoungBoy’s child with Drea Symone, arrived on November 26, 2020. In January 2021, NBA YoungBoy welcomed a child with Yaya Mayweather, the daughter of boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Recently, NBA YoungBoy and his wife, Jazlyn Mychelle, celebrated the birth of their son, with YoungBoy sharing a photo on his YouTube channel.

Furthermore, in April 2023, the popular rapper announced that he is expecting his eleventh child with Instagram model Drew Valentina, although specific details such as the gender of the child and public pictures are yet to be public.

In total, NBA YoungBoy has twelve children with nine different women, creating a diverse and growing family that spans different relationships and experiences.

His Father Is A Millionaire

NBA YoungBoy, also known as YoungBoy Never Broke Again, has a net worth of $6 million. However, please note that net worth can fluctuate over time due to various factors such as income, expenses, investments, and other financial endeavors.

YoungBoy gained significant recognition through his independent mixtapes released between 2015 and 2017. His debut album, “Until Death Call My Name,” further propelled his career with the success of the single “Outside Today.” In 2019, he continued to achieve success with the hit single “Bandit” and the chart-topping album “Al YoungBoy 2.”

With a devoted fan base and a consistent output of music, NBA YoungBoy has solidified his position as a prominent figure in the music industry, contributing to the growth of his net worth.

Car Accident

When Taylin Gaulden was four years old, he and his mother got in a catastrophic vehicle accident. Despite the severity of the collision, both Taylin and his mother did not sustain any injuries. They were taken to the hospital and were initially in critical condition.

However, their health gradually become fine. Likewise, they eventually got out of the hospital. Taylin is now healthy and content with his life. It is heartening to know that the mother-son duo has recovered and can be seen enjoying their time together.

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