Tazman James is a celebrity child. He is the son of Tanya Hijazi and Rick James. His father, James Ambrose Johnson Jr., a.k.a Rick James, was a singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and record producer.

Tanya Hijazi is a brilliant actress and costume designer. Further, Rick James had a net worth of $250,000.

Is Tazman James Dating Anyone?

Tazman is a celebrity kid. He is private in his personal life and likes to keep things low-key. However, it is no secret that he is single.

 Alia Rose and Tazman
Alia Rose and Tazman
Image: BCK Online

On the other hand, the parents of this gorgeous young child are in a loving marriage. His parents are quiet people who don’t discuss their personal lives.

This celebrity child feels awkward in social situations. Rick’s son is currently focused on his career and letting the universe take its time for him to find a match.

Net Worth Of Tazman James

Tazman is now 31 years old, and he is a singer. But his parents are wealthy people. James is private, but he has fantastic potential, grows up, and has a great career like his parent in music. Also, know about Froy Gutierrez.

Rick and Tanya
Rick and Tanya
Image: Alamy

Tazman’s father, Rick, on the other hand, net worth was about $250,000 before his death. Furthermore, Tazman’s mother, Hijazi, was charged with 14 counts and sentenced to four years in prison, even though she was just two years after pleading guilty. Throughout the 1990s, Rick famously spent $7,000 per week on cocaine.

However, her net worth is about $4 million. Her earnings have increased due to her involvement in films and documentaries. According to several resources, a TV celebrity in America earns an average of $81,000 per hour.

Know About tazman’s Father, Rick James

Rick James, a.k.a. James Ambrose Johnson Jr., was a singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and record producer from the United States. James began his musical career in Buffalo, New York, where he was born and raised.

American Late Singer Rick James
American Late Singer Rick James
Image: Article Bio

Before entering the United States Navy Reserve, he was in many bands to avoid being drafted into the Army. James left in 1964 and relocated to Toronto, Canada, where he formed the rock band Mynah Birds.

James’s career started in popular pop culture in 2004 after being featured on Chappelle’s Show. A Charlie Murphy True Hollywood Stories–style sketch satirized James’ wild lifestyle in the 1980s during the segment.

Tazman James’s Parents’ Convictions, Substance Use

On August 2, 1991, James’ parents were arrested on suspicion of holding Frances Alley, 24, hostage for six days. While on bail for that incident, James attacked music executive Mary Sauger at the St. James Club and Hotel in West Hollywood on November 3, 1992, while under cocaine.

Johnson Jr. ad Hijazi
Johnson Jr. and Hijazi
Image: Hip Hollywood

Sauger alleges she met James and Hijazi for a business meeting, but the two abducted and abused her for 20 hours. Tazman’s father risked a potential sentence of life in prison. Taz’s father was convicted of both counts, but a torture charge that could have landed him in jail for the rest of his life was dropped.

Short Biography, Social Media Of Tazman

Tazman was born in 1993 to parents Rick and Tanya Hijazi. His parents married in 1996 and divorced in 2002. Further, Tazman has other half-siblings from his father’s marriage with  Syville Morgan. His cousins are Tyenza, and a son, Rick Jr.

Besides, like his siblings, he is attempting to make his mark in the entertainment world. Taz has not much information as he likes to keep things private. He has kept his personal information hidden, so not much information exists. Also, read Ron Rousey.

Despite this, he has not shared any photos or videos on social media. On Instagram, he has around 10 thousand followers, and over 2 thousand followers on Twitter.

He is more concerned with his real-world existence than with his social life. His Instagram bio has a link to Chase Carter’s songs on SoundCloud. Keep checking; we will update once he opens up about himself more.

Tazman James’s Parents’ Relationship

Tanya Hijazi is divorced. She previously married the late Rick James. On December 24, 1997, the pair exchanged vows.

Tazman parents are no more together. Tanya and James met each other when James was 17 years old. Later the duo began dating each other in 1990 and welcomed a child Tazman, together in 1993.

After three years of welcoming their child, James married in 1996. The duo shared the wedding vows with their parents, relatives, and friends.

They also collaborated on several successful ventures.

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Rick James Father
Tanya Hijazi Mother
Ty James Sister
Trey Hardesty James Brother
Rick James, Jr. Brother